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Pookalam, Arike and more - Malayalam films that reimagine love

If you enjoyed watching Mammootty and Jyotika starring Kaathal The Core, here is a short list of other Malayalam movies that formed a new perspective on love.

Pookalam, Arike and more - Malayalam films that reimagine love

Posters of Pranayam, Annayum Rasoolum

Last Updated: 11.44 AM, Jan 07, 2024


Filmmakers from Kerala have always aimed to view any genre or feeling—especially love—from an entirely new perspective. The industry has produced numerous romantic dramas; all of them are notable for their unique take on the emotion, narratives, and performances.

From Namukku Parkkan Munthirithoppukal to Kaathal-The Core, Malayalis' comprehension of love evolved over time. If you enjoyed the Mammootty and Jyotika-starrer, here is a short list of other Malayalam movies that formed a new perspective on love.

Pookalam (Disney+ Hotstar)


After more than 70 years of marriage and a revelation, Ittoop files for divorce from Kochu Thresiamma. Amidst the court proceedings and upheaval in their household as a result of this decision, the couple is forced to reminisce about a difficult period in their relationship.

How Ittoop comes to terms with his errors and the significance of Kochu Thresiamma form the crux of this heartwarming and simple film. Pookalam has made a strong case for the idea that having a happy marriage requires work from both partners, not just one.

Pranayam (Sun NXT)

Pranayam by Blessy is noteworthy for examining companionship and love in the late sixties of the main characters. The endearing relationship between Achutha Menon, his ex-wife Grace, and her husband Mathews is the focal point of the romantic drama. It is delightful to watch Mathews and Grace's intimacy and understanding, with the former providing solace to the wife, who was nervous upon seeing her ex-husband after a long time.

Pranayam is one of the most romantic Malayalam films because of its performance and the comprehensiveness of its emotional aspects. One would be moved to tears at the end and be forced to reconsider their definition of love.

Arike (Amazon Prime)

Arike shows the various layers of love that exist in a relationship centred around three people. Anuradha, Kalpana, and Shanthanu are close friends, with the former two being in a romantic relationship. Shanthanu, however, takes some time to realise that Anuradha had deep affections for him even though she had never expressed them before and that Kalpana was not genuinely in love with him.

Despite a lag in the narrative and minor flaws, the movie is ideal for anyone who thinks that one need not go far to find love.

Annayum Rasoolum (Disney+ Hotstar)

The plot centres on the romance between a Latin Christian salesgirl named Anna and a Muslim taxi driver called Rasool, both from orthodox and conservative family backgrounds. Apart from showing each other their love and affection primarily through their looks, Rasool and Anna don't communicate much. Harsh incidents take place, disapproving of this relationship. The film ends on a tragic note, devastating both families.

Along with an excellent ensemble that includes Ranjith, Soubin Shahir, Shane Nigam, and Joy Mathew, the performances of Fahadh Faasil and Andrea Jeremiah are the heart and soul of Annayum Rasoolum.

Salt n Pepper (Amazon Prime)

Salt n Pepper by Ashiq Abu is a lighthearted look at love that centres around food. Because of their shared love of food, Kalidasan and Maya embark on a long-distance romance. When it comes to meeting in person, the couple is conscious of their age and physical appearance. The main plot of the movie revolves around how hilariously the two approach these notions and whether or not they end up together.

The most enjoyable aspect of the movie is when Kalidasan begins to teach Maya how to bake Joan's Rainbow, a multilayered cake. The movie also makes the point that it is never too late to find love.

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