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From Amy to Federer: Twelve Final Days, Asif Kapadia's popular works

Asif Kapadia's versatile vision takes audiences on a journey through historical dramas, documentaries, and psychological thrillers.

From Amy to Federer: Twelve Final Days, Asif Kapadia's popular works
Asif Kapadia's popular works

Last Updated: 01.50 PM, Jul 05, 2024


Renowned British filmmaker Asif Kapadia has proven himself to be a master of many types and genres through his extensive body of work. Critics and audiences alike have praised and honored a wide array of genres, from biographical documentaries to historical dramas and psychological thrillers. The Return (2006), a psychological horror that explores the protagonist's tormented past, and The Warrior (2001), which depicts a transforming trip in feudal Rajasthan, are examples of Kapadia's early work that demonstrates his distinctive storytelling talent.

By fusing historical material with captivating storytelling, his movies Amy (2015) and Senna (2010) present intimate and moving portraits of legendary performers Amy Winehouse and Ayrton Senna, respectively. Films such as Diego Maradona (2019), Ali and Nino (2016), and Far North (2007) by Kapadia continue to delve into intricate human situations, showcasing his meticulous attention to detail and profound empathy for his protagonists.

Creature and Federer: Twelve Final Days (2024), his most recent works, show that he is still a brilliant storyteller who can convey the universality of the human experience in any setting or media.

Asif Kapadia films and documentaries

The Warrior


The Warrior, directed by British director Asif Kapadia, was released in 2001. It follows the story of a warrior named Lafcadia as he tries to put down his sword in feudal Rajasthan. Irrfan Khan plays the lead role. Rajasthan served as the setting for this film. The film reportedly inspired Irrfan Khan's decision to continue performing. In The Warrior, we see how a vicious warrior named Lafcadia undergoes a personal transformation. This film lays out your journey across the Himalayas and Rajasthan. In medieval India, a man named Khan becomes the victim of a brutal pursuit over the Himalayas after he abandons his position as a longtime enforcer for a local lord. It won the Alexander Korda trophy at the BAFTAs for the best British film.

The Return

Sarah Michelle Gellar plays a businesswoman who experiences flashbacks to her youth and the unexplained death of a young woman in Asif Kapadia's psychological horror film The Return from 2006. A young, accomplished woman seeks answers about the chilling murder she keeps seeing in her nightmares. The film features Adam Scott and Peter O'Brien, in addition to Sam Shepard and Kate Beahan.

Far North

Sara Maitland's short story serves as the inspiration for Asif Kapadia's independently produced film Far North. Sean Bean, Per Egil Aske, Michelle Krusiec, and Gary Pillai are among the film's stars. In the film, the entrance of a wounded stranger sets in motion a passionate and brutal betrayal, disrupting the couple's new life in the Arctic tundra and their shared history of violence.


Directed by Asif Kapadia, the 2010 documentary Senna details the life and demise of Brazilian racing legend Ayrton Senna. The film chronicles Senna's Formula One racing career, beginning with his 1984 Brazilian Grand Prix debut and ending with his 1994 San Marino Grand Prix death, with a focus on his rivalry with fellow driver Alain Prost. There is no official commentary, and the majority of the film is from the Senna family's home videos and old racecourse footage rather than retrospective interviews.


James Gay-Rees produced and Asif Kapadia directed the 2015 documentary film Amy. Amy Winehouse, a British singer-songwriter, was the subject of this biopic. Tragically, she died as a result of her struggle with substance abuse, which she battled throughout her life. The government greenlit a film based on Winehouse's life and work. It's a delicate and intricate film. It covers a lot of ground, including her family, the media, fame, and addiction, but above all else, it gets to the essence of who she was: a musical genius and an incredible human being.

Amy had its world premiere in the Midnight Screenings section of the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. Notable honours and nominations for the film include Best Documentary at the 69th British Academy Film Awards, Best Music Film at the 58th Grammy Awards, Best Documentary Feature at the 88th Academy Awards, and Best Documentary at the 28th European Film Awards, among others. It received 33 nominations in total and won 30 awards. Amy and its soundtrack were so popular that they earned Winehouse a second posthumous nomination for British Female Solo Artist at the 2016 BRIT Awards.

Ali and Nino

Based on the 1937 novel by Kurban Said of the same name, Ali and Nino is a British-Azerbaijani war film that came out in 2016. Christopher Hampton wrote the screenplay, and Asif Kapadia directed the film. The film features Adam Bakri and Maria Valverde. In this film adaptation of a well-known love tale, a Muslim and a Christian couple marry against their parents' wishes, only to have their marriage tested when World War I breaks out.

Diego Maradona (Lionsgate Play [OTTplay Premium])

Asif Kapadia's 2019 documentary, Diego Maradona, features rare archival footage and interviews with Argentine legend Diego Maradona. The 2019 Cannes Film Festival screened it outside of the competition. The events chronicled in Diego Maradona centre around Maradona's 1984 transfer from FC Barcelona to S.S.C. Napoli, where he went on to win two Serie A championships and the 1988–89 UEFA Cup. 


Akram Khan came up with the idea and choreography for Creature, while Asif Kapadia directed the film. An outsider's sad quest for belonging, the unquenchable greed of the strong, and the everlasting promise of human connection and compassion are all themes that run through the story. Jeffrey Cirio, Erina Takahashi, and Stina Quagebeur, all members of ENB's dance company, star in this film based on Georg Büchner's groundbreaking play Woyzeck.

Federer: Twelve Final Days (Prime Video)

Asif Kapadia and Joe Sabia directed the British documentary film Federer: Twelve Final Days in 2024. It comes after the 2022 Laver Cup, during which Roger Federer's professional career came to a close and lasted 12 days. Roger Federer announced his retirement from tennis on September 14, 2022, capping off a 24-year career. The following day saw the publication of the announcement. Federer has arrived in London for his final competition, the Laver Cup, along with Team Europe members Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, and Rafael Nadal. His last encounter is a doubles match against Frances Tiafoe and Jack Sock on September 23, in which he will partner his archrival Nadal. In the decisive tiebreak, Federer makes an unforced blunder when serving at match point, tying the score. Tiafoe and Sock win the tiebreak, marking the end of Federer's career. The fans erupted in jubilation as Federer embraced his friends, his eyes welling up with tears. Nadal, overwhelmed with emotion, realises he will never face his archrival again. Federer expresses his deepest gratitude to his wife Mirka and his entire family in a heartfelt parting address. He expresses his happiness at having made a "profound big impact" on tennis in his last interview.

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