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Best action web series and movies to watch on Chaupal Bhojpuri

From Darar 2 to Purvanchal, check out the best action web series and movies to watch on Chaupal Bhojpuri.

Best action web series and movies to watch on Chaupal Bhojpuri

Darar 2, E Kaisan Duniyadari

Last Updated: 11.05 PM, Jun 25, 2024


Chaupal Bhojpuri offers several exciting movies and web shows with a sprinkle of ‘desi-ness’. Bhojpuri movies such as Darar 2 narrate the thrilling tale of friendship and betrayal, while the web series Purvanchal takes you deep into the criminal world. Here's a peek at some mind-blowing action shows and movies on Chaupal Bhojpuri that you can also watch through OTTplay Premium.

Top action web series and movies on Chaupal Bhojpuri:

Darar 2

When love becomes a battlefield, loyalties often get tested. This movie is a mixture of friendship, betrayal, and the deadly price of forbidden love. But there is a twist! The true villain is someone else, who takes the chance to manipulate the two friends individually. This thrilling tale will keep you guessing till the end.



Plunge into the gritty world or Purvanchal with Dinesh Lal Yadav’s series. Watch a deadly collision between an underworld mafia Shridhar and a ruthless politician in a high-stakes election. However, amid the violence, Shridhar must navigate the complexities of love and loyalty.


Grieving over the murder of his father, Jaskaran chooses a twisted path. After becoming a gangster, he realises he went in the wrong direction in life. Will Jaskaran be able to return to his previous normal life? Or will he be dragged into the underworld? Watch the thrilling action web series on Chaupal Bhojpuri to know what happens to Jaskaran.

Kala Shehar

In this thriller movie, Rajveer joins MLA Shamsher Singh Grewal’s notorious crime gang to avenge his brother’s death. However, soon a shocking truth about the MLA shatters Rajveer’s loyalty. Will Rajveer be able to take the revenge ultimately?

Lanka Mein Danka

This series follows Ram, who does extraordinary things, driven by the unwavering love for his wife Sunita. He purchases a bus to fulfil their dreams. But he doesn't stop there! Next Ram builds a school, aiming to create a positive impact on their community, something Sunita might truly cherish. But these actions raise a question: how far can Ram go to ensure Sunita’s happiness?

E Kaisan Duniyadari

Following his dreams of higher education, Sharavan lands in the city and finds love with Priya. Drawn together, they decide to get married traditionally. They meet each other's families to get them to agree for their marriage. Just when they were about to get married, a shocking twist of fate shatters Shravan and Priya's lives.

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