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Best action web series to watch on Ullu

From Khunnas to Assi Nabbe Poore Sau, check out these thrilling action web series all streaming on Ullu.

Best action web series to watch on Ullu

Ullu series Khunnas, Assi Nabbe Poore Sau

Last Updated: 08.33 PM, Jun 16, 2024


Ullu has curated a vibrant collection of web series that includes sensual romances, action-packed shows and more. Khunnas, Assi Nabbe Poore Sau and Tandoor are among the thrilling action web series on Ullu. So, check out this selection of exciting action dramas, which will take you on a thrilling ride that you might have never imagined. You can also watch these contents through OTTplay Premium.

Top action web series on Ullu:



Starring Saheem Khan, Sonam Arora, Asit Redij, and Amika Shail, Khunnas narrates a shocking story of betrayal and violence. The story begins with a birthday party that turns deadly when gunshots shatter the night. The family’s trusted driver seeks revenge on the birthday girl for something that happened in the past.


The series stars Rashami Desai, Tanuj Virwani, Amitriyan Patil and Ravi Gossain. Set in the year 1995, the series begins with a scary night in Delhi that will make your heart pound. A speeding car races through the streets with a suspicious bulky sack inside. When a police constable stumbles up to the car, a strange man comes out of it. What happens next? Will he kill the police constable?


In this series starring Vijay Raaz and Zakir Hussain, a politician hires a hitman to hide a corpse. The hitman soon faces some unexpected complications, leaving a bloody path in his way and ends up killing more people. When the truth explodes, the politician turns his back and tries to kill the assassin. But the twist is that the politician messed with the wrong guy.


The series follows Shanaya, an air hostess, who dreams of owning her own airline company one day. Soon she meets four other ambitious women who are also fighting for their glamour dreams. Now the question is, will their paths lead to triumph or turbulence in their lives? Witness this twisted series that stars Parag Tyagi, Iira Soni, Nehal Vadoliya, and Surabhi Tiwari.

Assi Nabbe Poore Sau

Starring Rakesh Bapat, Aastha Chaudhary, Vikram Mastal, and Akshay Vir Singh, the story is about a widow finding solace in a new relationship. However, a dark secret threatens to shatter her world. As her son vanishes and her new husband gets entangled in a mysterious case, a shocking truth about a man she once loved comes to light. Will the woman be able to save both her son and her new husband together?

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