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Best Ullu web series that you need to binge-watch

If you crave for some edgy narratives and sizzling performances, here's a compilation of best Ullu web series that offer a delightful blend of romance, thriller, suspense, and lust.

Best Ullu web series that you need to binge-watch
Ullu originals to watch for a wild ride

Last Updated: 08.33 PM, Jun 07, 2024


The streaming platform Ullu offers web series for mature audiences. The many web series on the platform have gained popularity over time for of its sensuous performances and gripping narratives. If you’re looking at populating your binge-watch list as you crave for some edgy narratives and sizzling performances, we’ve got just the list for you. Here's a compilation of web series that offer a delightful blend of romance, thriller, suspense, and lust.

Best latest Ullu web series to stream for entertainment



Kasturi revolves around a rural family consisting of only males. The story takes a gripping turn when the patriarch becomes ill and his sons break rules by hiring a female nurse. A twisted tale of family drama, lust, illicit affairs, and brotherhood makes this one an exciting watch. Part 1 is already streaming, and Part 2 will release on June 11.

Purani Haveli

This engaging horror series blends supernatural and romance. Starring Anita Jaiswal and Ridhima Tiwari in lead roles, Purani Haveli as the name suggests, is set in an old mansion adorned with sinister secrets of the past. It revolves around a newlywed couple and their troubled present when the wife starts experiencing disturbing events tangled with her husband’s past.


Rajsi Verma stars as a seductive married woman in this twisted family and romance drama series that also features a talking parrot. It revolves around a woman with intense sexual fantasies as she looks for illicit pleasures despite her marriage. Things take a dark turn when she begins a relationship with her husband’s nephew.

Nau Do Gyarah or 9 2 11

This suspense-packed thriller follows an unhappy couple with extramarital affairs as they bend morals and relationships for power struggles and money. Who is the culprit and the mastermind behind the theft? Nau Do Gyarah is currently streaming on Ullu.


Starring Raj Dutta, Farmaan Haider, Imran Sujail Khan, and Zeliya Christopher in lead roles – Train as the name highlights, revolves around a train journey when Juhi, who is traveling with her mother, has a chance encounter with Nilesh. When desires ignite between two young strangers, a dark plot twist awaits their intimate encounter.


This action and mystery-packed drama follows Raj, who is mourning his wife Suman's sudden death. The tragic accident also leaves his brother Ajay wheelchair-bound. However, things take a dreary turn when a forbidden love triangle threatens to destroy relationships.

  • Cast: Sanjay Bharadwaj, Ajay Bafna, Priya Roy

  • Genre: Crime drama


Helmed by Fahad Kasmiri Ali, Machhli is a suspense drama series is the story of a troubled couple who elope after their families disapprove of their relationship. It follows the couple’s journey as they shift to a 'love hostel' but get trapped in a series of incidents. Will they be able to break free of the shackles of corrupt hostelers? Stream this for a thrilling watch.

  • Cast: Sanyam Rohilla, Priyanka Chaurasia, Gaurav Singh, Minakshi Devi

  • Genre: romance, thriller

Laal Mirch

The plot traces a troubled housewife who is looking for her missing husband. When every new day leads to another roadblock, she loses hope and starts living as a tenant, only to get caught in an unexpected mystery. An edgy thriller with some spicy illicit romance, this offers unique entertainment to viewers.

  • Cast: Sofiya Shaikh, Garima Maurya, Ashwin Awasthi

  • Genre: Mystery, thriller

Riti Riwaj - Pinjara

The story is a twisted tale of family, traditions, cultural stereotypes, love, and lust. When a couple experiences a fault in their stars, the astrologer suggests that the bride marry the groom's sister. However, things take a sinister turn when a wicked sister manipulates her sister-in-law to bend her sexual orientation. Delve into the dark desires along with a riveting climax to keep you hooked on the screens.

  • Cast: Mahi Kamla, Suraj Soni, Nandlal Singh

  • Genre: romance drama


With captivating performances from the leading stars and a gripping storyline, Titliyan is a romance drama that is a story of love, betrayal, infidelity, and sexual attraction as two women find themselves at the crossroads when their partners who cheat on them, only to get trapped in their mixed feelings and sexual desires. 

  • Cast: Taniya Chaterjee, Piyush Suhane, Gautam Handa

  • Genre: Romance

Red Light

Ullu Originals Red Light is set inside a brothel in the red light district, and traces a woman’s quest to search for her husband. When fate plays a twisted game and throws a helpless woman at the mercy of some ruthless owners, she sees a glimmer of hope in a mysterious man. Is he a saviour or another trap? Stream this bold and edgy thriller drama to uncover a string of secrets.

  • Cast: Aayat Khan, Rani Pari, Alina Sen

  • Genre: Thriller


This gripping web series is a fusion of crime, suspense and illicit romance. It revolves around a sleazy married man Bhupinder Singh who wishes to marry for the second time despite having a young and beautiful wife. His immoral actions backfires when both his would be bride and wife hatches secret plans to get him out of their stories. Will it be as smooth as the women are thinking? Or a gory bloodbath is going to change everyone’s lives?

  • Cast: Jonita D’cruz and Ishika Bose
  • Genre: Crime, romance

Love Bite

Ullu’s edgy romance thriller revolves around a messy love triangle between the quirky Sweety, and her two lovers Rohan and Ajay. Packed with sensuous plot twists and suspense, this new series is a must-watch.

  • Cast: Ridhima Tiwari, Anita Jaiswal
  • Genre: Romance, thriller
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