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Loved Parasyte: The Grey? Here are 5 other breathtaking Yeon Sang-Ho sci-fi directorials to binge on OTTs

Released on April 5, Parasyte: The Grey is currently the no.1 most searched horror sci-fi series on Google

Loved Parasyte: The Grey? Here are 5 other breathtaking Yeon Sang-Ho sci-fi directorials to binge on OTTs

Train To Busan, Parasyte: The Grey, Hellbound

Last Updated: 10.02 PM, Apr 14, 2024


Parasyte: The Grey has topped the list of most watched series on Netflix ever since it was released. The Korean series has garnered 6,300,000 views within the first week. Interestingly, it has now become the no.1 most searched horror sci-fi on Google as well. No wonder, the visual effects, the storyline, the mind-blowing performances of the actors, Yeon Sang-Ho’s direction, everything have sparked a fan frenzy on the internet. The limited series may have ended within just 6 episodes, the open ending has ignited numerous speculations for a second season. Although the makers of even Netflix have not announced anything yet.

Hence, those who haven't watched Parasyte: They Grey yet, we urge you to not waste time anymore. And those who have already watched it, here we bring you 5 other mind-blowing Yeon Sang-Ho directorials to binge on these OTT giants:

Train To Busan

This Gong Yoo and Ma Dong-Seok starrer is still considered one of the most influential Korean films of all time. Released in 2016, the action-horror tells a story about Seok-woo and his daughter who are travelling on a train to Busan on the little girl's birthday to see his wife. However, the journey turns into a nightmare when all the passengers, including them get trapped, amidst a zombie outbreak in South Korea. Watch Train To Busan now on Amazon Prime Video.



This Yoo Ah-In and Kim Hyun-Joo starrer is a dark fantasy drama. Set in a dystopian South Korea, some supernatural beings took control of the country in their hands, and sending mankind to hell everyday. These terrifying creatures are trying to hypnotise human by chanting they are going to hell at a specific time in the future, either right way or heinous way. Watch Hellbound on Netflix.


This action-horror flick is the sequel to Train To Busan. Released in 2020, it tells a story about Jung Seok, who is a former soldier. He, along with his teammates, sets out on a mission to battle hordes of post-apocalyptic zombies in the Korean peninsula wastelands. Watch Peninsula on ZEE5.


This sci-fi flick Kim Hyun-Joo as Jung_E. In a dystopian future, an alone scientist at an AI lab facility struggles with a desperate gamble. Haunted by the legacy of a runied world, she embarks on a daring mission to bridge the chasm of civil war with the help of her revolutionary weapon, a clone, the digitised mind of her own mother, who is going to be a legendary soldier. Watch Jung_E on Netflix.

The Bequeathed

This thriller drama once again stars Kim Hyun-Joo, Queen of Tears-star Park Sung-Hoon, Ryu Kyung-Soo and Park Byun-Eun. After the death of an unknown uncle, a woman named Yoon Seo-Ha inherits a burial ground and finds herself in the centre of a string of murders and dark secrets. Will she be able to find out how she is linked, and solve them? Watch The Bequeathed on Netflix.

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