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Remembering Visu: Here are some of his classic Tamil films you can stream now

Here are some of the Tamil films of actor-filmmaker Visu, which you can stream now

Remembering Visu: Here are some of his classic Tamil films you can stream now

Last Updated: 10.09 AM, Jun 01, 2024


Visu was a famous screenwriter, filmmaker, and actor, who has helmed various family dramas and also starred in some. The late actor died in 2020 at the age of 74. However, what he left behind is a body of work that is very niche and unique to himself. After having worked in theatre and with filmmaker K Balachander, he ventured into film direction and acting as well. Here are some of his films which can be streamed on Raj Digital and OTTplay Premium.

Visu films to watch on Raj Digital and OTTplay Premium



Uzhaippali is a 1993 Tamil film, written and directed by P Vasu. The film is headlined by Rajinikanth and also stars Roja, Visu, Radha Ravi, Nizhalgal Ravi, Goundamani and others. The film revolves around three brothers who hire a stage actor to pose as a rich woman's son in order to gain her wealth. However, it so turns out to be that he is her real son indeed.

Sagalakala Sambanthi

Sagalakala Sambanthi is a 1989 Tamil film starring Visu who also directed it. The family drama explores the themes of extra-marital affairs and also stars Ranjani, Vagai Chandrasekhar, Delhi Ganesh and others.

Oorukku Upadhesam

Oorukku Upadhesam is a 1984 Tamil film which is based on Visu's play Sirithu Konde Azhugirom. The film is directed by SP Muthuraman and revolves around a woman who goes lengths to prove allegation posed on her that she is a sex worker, by her brother-in-law is wrong. However, there seems to be a lookalike of her who is seen by her uncle. The film stars S. Ve. Shekher, Urvasi, Visu, Delhi Ganesh, Charuhasan, Dilip, Subhakar Pushpalatha and Vanitha.

Vai Sollil Veeranadi

Vai Sollil Veeranadi stars Visu, Manorama, YG Mahendran and others in the lead roles. The film is about a woman who pledges to stay away from physical intimacy after her husband kills a snake which holds religious values for her. However, this also invites some unexpected problems.

Dowry Kalyanam

Dowry Kalyanam is a 1983 Tamil film written and directed by Visu, who also starred alongside Vijayakanth, Srividya, S. Ve. Shekher and Viji among others. A black comedy, the film is based on the filmmaker's play Vaibhogame and revolves around two friends. While one of them is in constant financial struggle and depends on the other financially, a marriage proposal is initiated between his sister and the friend. This is when the groom's family makes dowry demands.

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