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Ullu actress Priya Gamre’s best web series to binge-watch now

From Khalish to Matki, here's an exciting list of actress Priya Gamre's best web series to watch on Ullu.

Ullu actress Priya Gamre’s best web series to binge-watch now

Priya Gamre's web series Khalish and Matki on Ullu

Last Updated: 10.52 PM, Jun 26, 2024


Ullu delivers special and exciting content almost every month. If you want to push all the boundaries and stay hooked to the screens during the weekends, we have a special curation of Ullu actress Priya Gamre's web series that will take you on a wild ride of thrills. From Khalish to Matki, here's an exciting list of Priya Gamre's best web series to binge-watch on Ullu. You can also watch these series through OTTplay Premium.

Priya Gamre's web series on Ullu:


A newly married woman realises that her mother-in-law feels lonely after her husband's death and is yearning for companionship. She soon plots a scheme to help her mother-in-law pursue her love interest.



Amit, a young man, gets appointed as a watchman in an elite apartment. He has never worked in such a high-class building and hence, is in awe of the lavish setting. Soon he becomes infatuated by three young rich women. Then, Amit plots a scheme to bring down those women and seduce them with his devilish acts.


Chameli, a newly-married woman, relocates to a new city with her husband. In a deadly twist, the husband has an accident, leaving him paralysed and the responsibility of running the house falls on Chameli’s shoulders. With no option left, she soon chooses to take up a new role that pushes quite a few boundaries.


Shalini, a young woman, gets married and comes to live in a village where toxic masculinity and marital abuse are very much part of everyday life. She meets Divya, Ratna and Maya, and together they fight against all the social norms. They decide to fight for justice rather than getting tortured every day.


This series tells the story of an exciting connection between an adult nephew named Mohan and a young aunt, Bindu. She is married to the nephew’s uncle. Soon the nephew and the aunt begin to develop feelings for each other. However, the duo struggles to decide whether they should be together, or is this just a fantasy.

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