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Ullu actress Riddhima Tiwari's best web series to watch right now

From recently released Love Bite to spine-chilling horror drama Purani Haveli, check out these best web series of actress Riddhima Tiwari on Ullu.

Ullu actress Riddhima Tiwari's best web series to watch right now

Ullu web series of Riddhima Tiwari

Last Updated: 10.14 PM, Jun 30, 2024


Ullu has established itself as a premier destination for captivating content, offering a vast library of movies and shows. From sultry romance that set pulses racing to spine-chilling thrillers that keep viewers on the edge of their seats, Ullu’s extensive range has something for everyone. Hence, to help you navigate the numerous options, we have compiled a list of the best web series of Ullu actress Riddhima Tiwari, which are also accessible through OTTplay Premium.

Riddhima Tiwari's top web series on Ullu:

Love Bite

A young man named Ajay’s love for Sweety is left unrequited when she leaves him to chase her dreams with his best friend in Mumbai. However, a shocking twist emerges when an unknown man named Rajesh deceives Sweety’s family, revealing that Ajay’s vulnerable behaviour is actually a symptom of his schizophrenia.


Jalebi Bai

From humble beginnings as a house help, Jalebi Bai’s energetic presence and alluring charm captivate the people around her, weaving a web of curiosity that transforms the mundane routines of her employers into desperate desire and passion.

Andar Ki Baat

In a small community, two women have different approaches to drying their lingerie. One of them openly hangs undergarments on the rooftop, while the other hangs these inside her house. However, here comes the contradiction. The men, who assume that the first woman is easily accessible, face harsh rejections, wherein the second woman gives peculiar hints to the men, revealing some unpredictability of human connections.

Madhosh Diaries (Good Wife)

As a devoted wife waves goodbye to her husband, who is heading out on a business trip, he secretly plans to meet with another seductive woman to spend time with her. However, the twist is - his innocent wife also seems to have some secrets of her own. She doesn't want to wait long to turn the table, which can easily upend the married couple’s relationship.

Purani Haveli

With a thirst for vengeance, Riddhi ventures into the eerie palace of Maharaja Maan Singh, only to reveal a sinister plot to seize the chance. As she navigates the mysterious walls of the palace, she must confront some unknown supernatural powers that begin to threaten to consume her. Hence, in a desperate bid to uncover the truth, Riddhi makes some shocking attempts.

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