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Lock Upp day 59 written update: Munawar Faruqui stands up for Saisha Shinde, calls out Payal Rohatgi for her comment

Payal Rohatgi named Saisha Shinde instantly as Prince Narula said that her team had two men (Munawar Faruqui and Shivam Sharma).

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 12.29 PM, Apr 26, 2022

Lock Upp day 59 written update: Munawar Faruqui stands up for Saisha Shinde, calls out Payal Rohatgi for her comment
Lock Upp - Munawar Faruqui, Payal Rohatgi.

Day 59 in Lock Upp begins. It is a new opportunity for Poonam Pandey but Prince Narula steals the show almost instantly.

Shivam Sharma, Azma Fallah and Payal Rohatgi discuss about work in the barracks. Shivam demands that MunJali also work in the jail. Munawar Faruqui pokes Payal and Shivam. Payal calls Munawar 'kaamchor aadmi.' Munawar steals her show and thus, Payal walks out. Saisha Shinde gives him slow claps.

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Payal later accuses Munawar of playing sympathy card. He says 'jamura' while shaking coins in a jar. Payal laughs at that but continues her rant. Meanwhile, Anjali Arora says it looks like Munawar is the madaari and Payal is jamura. He then says jamura palti maarega. She then drags Munawar's name in Zeeshan Khan-Azma Fallah incident by saying 'acche aadmi se violence karva diya.'

Saisha tells Anjali that Payal screaming at 6.30 in the morning screams that she's desperate for attention. As Payal continues arguing, Saisha rolls on the floor and Munawar says 'ab hoga naagin dance. Ek bandar ek naagin, kya baat hai.'

Anjali screams from her solidary confinement that has Payal lost it. When Payal asks Shivam, he agrees that Munawar has provoked Zeeshan a lot.

Payal tells Prince that she stopped him from giving Munawar Ticket to Finale because his violent side hasn't come out yet and it has to. Azma also says that Munawar is a mastermind and others lick him. On hearing that, Poonam gets upset and calls it a wrong word. Munawar then comes to tease Azma. She walks out as he comes.

Anjali finally realizes her perfume is broken but Munawar helps her use it anyway. As he talks about Azma, she drops in. She then tells Payal that Munawar's face is like sasta bakra.

The sharirik shram is here and kaidis have to make khatiyas. The kaidis have to make two groups. Surprisingly, Munawar instantly agrees to work with Payal, Shivam and Azma. The winners will get exclusive ration items and a mini fridge.

Azma is proud of Munawar. The first time he does come in the team, they perform better than the other one. While Munawar and Payal go for quality, Team Prince goes for quantity. Prince tries to destroy Team Munawar's khatiya but he catches him at the right time. As Munawar gets busy with Prince, Payal takes the opportunity but Azma bites her off. In the chaos, Shivam cuts Poonam's hand and Prince comes to give him a piece of his mind. Anjali goes with a scissor nonetheless. After destroying Team Munawar's opportunity to make another khatiya, Prince stops Anjali too. The guard gives the kaidis a warning after seeing the chaos. Prince and Anjali create chaos nonetheless. After Poonam's accusation, Shivam becomes a spoilsport in the task and refuses to even participate despite Payal and Munawar constantly asking for his help. Munawar goes to Team Prince and Saisha and Prince stop him. Prince takes Munawar in his lap. Azma, who is protecting her team's khatiya, says Prince ko 'andar jaane ke liye hamaare body se guzaarna padega' and laughs.

As the kaidis have to wait, Munawar teases the guard and says he also likes to see the arguments. Payal and Prince have a discussion. He says that Team Munawar had two men. Payal then says that Team Prince also had said. She then corrects herself saying that Saisha is also strong. She looks at Munawar and laughs. Munawar then smiles, nods and asks her to stop and she asks him not to go in the zone he is thinking.

Poonam injures her middle finger and seeing that, Munawar asks her to show him her popat. He then asks her to roam around like that only.

Azma tries to have an argument with Poonam but sits back down getting scared of 'gandh' (as Payal calls Poonam). Munawar then calls Poonam 'The Mummy' because of her bandages and Saisha actually applies the khatiya material on him, making him look like The Mummy. Munawar roams around like that even when the guard wants to check the quality of the khatiyas.

While Poonam and Payal go for khatiya testing first, the guard asks Shivam and Prince to go next. As expected, Team Munawar aka Munawar, Shivam, Payal and Azma win the task.

Prince then tells the cameras he could cut the fridge's wires. Munawar later tells Prince that Payal felt there were two men in Team Prince, given that Saisha was also in their team. Prince approaches Payal and asks Munawar to not make a mudda of it. Payal then says that she said that Saisha is 'strong like a man.' Saisha in turn questions Payal what does she mean by strength of a man as compared to strength of a woman.

Azma and Shivam enjoy their food while Payal fights her battle. Azma then comments to Shivam that Payal does say wrong things in the moment. Payal then explains to Azma that she wanted to prove that Prince cannot play victim card. Azma calls Payal's statement 'sexist'.

Saisha says she will stop them from using the fridge. Meanwhile, Poonam interferes as Team Payal opens the fridge.

The new task is here and it is related to the chargesheet. One kaidi will be locked in the chargesheet till Judgement Day. The kaidis have to discuss and convince others to take a name.

Saisha goes first and names Azma. The latter goes and names Saisha too. Munawar, Poonam, Anjali name Azma. As Payal talks, Prince pretends to fall asleep. She then picks Prince, after Poonam says that she wants to pick Anjali. Prince names Munawar.

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Shivam agrees with Munawar and Azma does too. Most kaidis name Azma nonetheless. Since everyone names Azma, Prince changes his name from Munawar to Azma too. Payal names Prince but Azma is locked in the chargesheet.

Azma argues with Munawar and then with Shivam. Meanwhile, Anjali gets out of solidary confinement.

Payal tells Azma it's just another day where she's targetted. On the other hand, Prince talks to Munawar, Saisha and Anjali about Payal's 'victim card' comment. Munawar ends the matter with a rap.