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Lock Upp Exclusive! Zeeshan Khan: Mandana Karimi wanted me to console her, is she my girlfriend?

Zeeshan Khan is still confused about why Mandana Karimi behaved the way she did with him in Lock Upp.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 03.07 PM, Apr 25, 2022

Lock Upp Exclusive! Zeeshan Khan: Mandana Karimi wanted me to console her, is she my girlfriend?
Lock Upp - Zeeshan Khan, Mandana Karimi.

Zeeshan Khan was evicted from Lock Upp a week back. This happened just a day after his friend Mandana Karimi was locked out of Kangana Ranaut’s show. Interestingly, the two were friends and suddenly, they weren’t even on talking terms.

When we spoke to Zeeshan, we asked him if he got an opportunity to talk to Mandana to sort things out. He held his head in his palm and refused stating, “No, not yet.”

“I’m stuck in interviews and all but Mandana and I had become really good friends. Our duo in the orange team – our opinion used to matter. We would keep our point. Later on, I don’t know what happened to her. She fought with me over a game of catch which was not even a task. It was with the ball that we made to entertain ourselves when we’re getting bored. She fought with me over that, after I gave her two extra lifelines to come play. I asked her to come back in the next round. She got pissed over that – that I didn’t take a stand for her,” he added.

Zeeshan then said that Mandana was trying to test his friendship. He shared, “Then, she told me she is testing my friendship. I said that first of all, friendship isn’t something you test. You believe in it. I hadn’t even done anything to break her trust. I even went up to her and told her that she’s behaving stupid. She didn’t come and play with us and instead, went all out against me. I was like, are you serious? What is even going on?”

Mandana had stated that Zeeshan isn’t a trustworthy friend and she put him in the chargesheet giving the same reason. Recalling that, Zeeshan said, “She put me on the chargesheet over a game of catch! I was like, what is even going on over here? She lost it completely! This is not a task, this is nothing! Here, she was blaming me and saying that I knew what I did and she was waiting that I would go to her. I was just wondering how am I supposed to take a stand for her for something so stupid? If you say things to me that are mean and hurtful, what am I supposed to do? Take a stand for you and say yes, you’re right, my fault. Are you kidding me? What are you expecting from me?”

Zeeshan then explained that Mandana was waiting for him to go and console her for what happened between them, which he doesn’t believe in doing with friends. The actor shared, “She expected me to go and console her. I told her that she’s my friend, not my girlfriend that I would come and console you. I won’t do that with a friend. With a friend, I would be like yo, stop whining, get up and let’s go. That’s the kind of person I am. I wouldn’t even sit and console Sid. I was literally wondering what is she expecting from me?”

Currently, both Zeeshan and Mandana are taking some break and then, they promise to go back to acting on sets. While Zeeshan has worked on TV more, Mandana has also explored cinema. It would be interesting to see where are they headed from here.

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