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Love is Blind season 3 After The Altar episodes 13-15 review: Some set couple goals, others make you question humanity

Only two couples made it post the altar but things have changed. Or have they?

Love is Blind season 3 After The Altar episodes 13-15 review: Some set couple goals, others make you question humanity
Love Is Blind S3.

Last Updated: 09.37 PM, Feb 11, 2023



Various couple went through the tests of love. Some succeeded, the others fell apart. Find out which Love is Blind 3 couple is still together and what went wrong with the others.


One year since Love Is Blind season 3, things have changed drastically for every single couple that was formed in the pods. While some are expecting a baby, the others have moved on and don’t want to look back.

The first story begins with Raven, who had a complicated thing with SK going on. The two, despite not getting married, are still so in love. They are not engaged either but date anyway. How they understand one another is absolutely adorable.

They have another family meeting. Of course, it is SK’s family, his brother. It is beautiful this time.

Raven is completely herself once again. SK is himself too. However, can these contrasting personalities see a future together once again? Find out what really happened.

Alexa and Brennon are next in line. Their happiness reflects on their faces. Brennon and Alexa’s father share a complicated bond. Thankfully, that doesn’t affect the couple’s bond much.

Colleen and Matt shared a complicated bond pre-wedding. Now, they are each other’s best friends. They talk about moving in together and starting a family with some furry friends. Their past crops up and thankfully, they can joke about it today. She reveals it was tough for them in the first six months of their wedding and now, they are in their honeymoon phase. Their conversation about new home is also quite the deal. The two set as much couple goals as Alexa and Brennon. While the two couples have their own pace with things, Colleen and Matt are just as much love.

Nancy is here. Somehow, she still catches up with Bartise, despite everything that happened between them at the altar. She reveals eventually that the two tried to remain friends. Bartise also feels they could be successful at being friends.

Nancy discusses wedding once again. She is open to marrying someone and of course, it isn’t Bartise. Her real conversations with her mother and brother are simply beautiful.

The two end up being toxic once again. While he indirectly hints she’s the ‘dumb ex who keeps running back to him,’ Nancy actually goes back to him to clear things out, despite his toxic mentality.

The girls catch up and they all have different personalities that somehow gel together. Zanab is back too, of course without Cole. She is now dating her therapist, Paul, after staying single since the altar episode.

Cole is finally here and no surprise, he is around a bar. He is in the talking stage and (casually) dating people. This man still feels that Zanab played him and is stuck up on everything that happened between them.

The men (except Cole) catch up and they are a sight for the sore eyes. Men being men, interesting games like dart shooting and alcohol connect them. It’s however unfortunate that they end up judging one another. Brennon and Matt, especially, have a near face-off.

The reality show is dramatized and has stupid shots for no reason. A moon is put on your face in the midst of the stories for no good reason. That is disappointing to a whole new level.

Alexa’s birthday party brings everyone together, under the same roof. Of course, expect love and drama all at once. Cole is here too and with that, the drama is sure to be back! As soon as he enters, Cole starts flirting with Alexa’s step mom. Bartise comes to the rescue, thankfully. He also tries to make things right between Brennon and Cole, which deserves respect.

Alexa gets emotional recalling her journey with Brennon. The two still set major couple goals.

Meanwhile, Cole tries to reconnect with Zanab. He questions the drama at the wedding and she refuses to call it confusing. The two get closure about what really happened. Cole says he thought they might fight but doesn’t want to.

Eventually, these episodes offer something new and then, take you back to the episodes till the altar. Oh, there’s a surprise and it involves one of the Love Is Blind 3 contestant.


Love is Blind season 3 After The Altar episodes are more or less what you saw throughout. If you followed the journey and loved it, definitely watch these episodes too.

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