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Love Storiyaan - Karan Johar announces a heartwarming Prime Video series inspired by real-life love stories

Love Storiyaan is a tale of love, hope, and triumph over adversity, premiering on Valentine's Day 2024.

Love Storiyaan - Karan Johar announces a heartwarming Prime Video series inspired by real-life love stories
Love Storiyaan

Last Updated: 11.16 AM, Feb 06, 2024


Somen Mishra's Love Storiyaan is a six-part touching chronicle of real-life love stories, and now Prime Video has announced when it will premiere. Six real-life couples from different parts of the nation share their inspiring tales of love, hope, happiness, and overcoming obstacles in this inspirational series. Director Vivek Soni is one of six talented individuals who have expertly brought these stories to life. The other five are Archana Phadke, Collin D'Cunha, Hardik Mehta, and Shazia Iqbal.

Insight into the series and its directors

Dharmatic Entertainment produces Love Storiyaan, with executive producers Karan Johar, Apoorva Mehta, and Somen Mishra. The series is based on true stories shared on the social media platform India Love Project, initiated by former journalists Niloufer Venkatraman, Priya Ramani, and Samar Halarnkar. This Valentine's Day, on February 14, Love Storiyaan will debut exclusively on Prime Video.

Check out the announcement below:

Production details and collaborations

According to Aparna Purohit, head of Originals, India, and Southeast Asia at Prime Video, Love Storiyaan exemplifies their dedication to producing stories that speak to and reflect the diversity of their viewership. True, inspiring love stories that break down barriers and question conventions are waiting for you in this series. It intricately interweaves a delicate tapestry, certain to tug at the heartstrings for its resonant storytelling.

She added that Love Storiyaan is an ode to the real-life couples who have triumphed over all odds to be together, and the India Love Project has been a trailblazer in recording these inspiring stories. The series also signifies their initial foray into partnering with Dharmatic Entertainment, building upon their highly fruitful association with Dharma Productions. All of the filmmakers—Karan, Apoorva, and Somen—have brought these unique stories to life. They brought them so much joy and optimism, and they hope that on Valentine's Day, they bring the same feelings to them.

Significance of Love Storiyaan

Karan Johar of Dharmatic Entertainment, while describing love in all its manifestations, says that Love Storiyaan goes beyond being a faithful recounting of actual love tales. The series beautifully depicts connections that go beyond the ordinary. 

The India Love Project helped them choose these stories, and what struck the filmmaker about them was how honest and distinct they were. As a filmmaker and producer, Karan has had the honour of telling numerous love stories that have defined the genre of Indian cinema. 

True love stories like these come from genuine people from all walks of life who overcame enormous obstacles like religion, gender, culture, and war on their way to discovering the one. This is their first attempt at telling stories based on actual people's experiences, and KJo couldn't be more thrilled that their long-standing partnership with Prime Video will allow this series to reach viewers all across the globe, including India.

Love Storiyaan promises to fulfil Dharmatic Entertainment's mission of creating stories that evoke strong emotions in viewers, according to Apoorva Mehta, the company's spokesperson. As storytellers, they are overjoyed to have the opportunity to carry on Priya, Samar, and Niloufer's fantastic storytelling legacy and present these stories to their audience in a way that is both moving and beautiful. 

The six directors have each added their own distinct style to the lives of the couples featured in this six-part series, allowing them to tell their stories from their own perspectives. Being their first original series with their long-time partner, Prime Video, Love Storiyaan is an even more special occasion for them. Apoorva can't wait to share the results of their hard work with people in India and around the world.

A journey into emotional resilience

As a whole, Love Storiyaan is more than that. Essentially, it's a voyage into the depths of emotional resilience and human tenacity. It has always been their goal to create a series that goes beyond the usual limits of narrative. Somen Mishra, executive producer and series creator of Dharmatic Entertainment, stated that the directors' personal connections to the stories they're telling allow them to add their own perspectives and subtleties to each one.

He added that Love Storiyaan is a joyous ode to love in all its genuine and varied manifestations, just like its model, the India Love Project. They are ecstatic that the India Love Project crew is behind the series, and they are even more thrilled that Prime Video will be bringing it to audiences all across the world.

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