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Love Today actor Sathyaraj had doubts about the Pradeep Ranganathan film for THIS reason

The actor played Ivana's father in the film, who suggests the idea of phone swapping

Love Today actor Sathyaraj had doubts about the Pradeep Ranganathan film for THIS reason
A still from Love Today

Last Updated: 10.40 PM, Aug 20, 2023


Actor Sathyaraj, who played Ivana's father in the Pradeep Ranganathan film, Love Today, says that at first, he was not sure about being part of the film. "When I signed 'Love Today', I had doubts about whether the role would benefit me, but later, I completely surrendered to the director. And eventually, the film became a great hit. So, I have started getting casual, and I have stopped making any sort of assumptions. During the years of Walter Vetrivel and Amaithipadai, I was dominating cinema, and now cinema is dominating me. So I will have to accept the fact and move on.”

However, he added that he was bored of playing father roles in films. "I feel a tad  bored playing father roles. So, I am playing an antagonist after a long time in my upcoming film Angaaragan , but I can’t guarantee that I will continue appearing in similar roles. When I entered the film industry, I was blessed to be working with Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan as their villains. My friend and ace director Manivannan would create characters keeping me in mind, which is completely missing these days. He was my guru and he wanted to see me in such shades.”

Check out the trailer from the film

The actor also revealed that he is currently part of 20 projects. "I have films in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi. I openly tell everyone from the other regional industries that I am fluent only in Tamil and I can speak half-baked English."

Sathyaraj also lauded Prakash Raj for being vocal about issues at the press meet of Angaaragan. “I keep sharing my views and opinions now and then. An individual voicing their opinion for social cause is also politics and I am glad to be doing it. I am so proud to see Prakash Raj openly expressing his views without any fear. When a popular artist is a coward, we tend to create a cowardice in society.”

The actor, who is a staunt Periyarist, added, "I do not believe that a person is of higher or lower stature because of their birth. Given a choice between being an actor and following Periyarism, I would firmly stick to the latter, and I have been following it wholeheartedly.

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