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Loved the list of Golden Globes 2024 winners? Here are five movies to binge on OTTs

Just six days back, Golden Globes 2024 have honoured Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr., and many other actors with its golden trophy

Loved the list of Golden Globes 2024 winners? Here are five movies to binge on OTTs

No Hard Feelings, Maestro

Last Updated: 04.42 AM, Jan 12, 2024


The 81st Golden Globe Awards, held on January 7, glittered with the recognition of cinematic and television excellence. Christopher Nolan's epic Oppenheimer and Greta Gerwig's playful Barbie emerged as frontrunners in the film categories, while HBO's biting dynasty drama Succession reigned supreme on the television side. But the night wasn't just about established names; Yorgos Lanthimos's satirical Poor Things and Martin Scorsese's long-awaited Killers of the Flower Moon, each achieved the prestigious award, showcasing the breadth and brilliance of talent celebrated this year.

You can stream the 81st Golden Globe Awards now on Lionsgate Play and OTTplay Premium. Here we have curated five winners and nominations in the list to drown into experiencing the cinematic masterpieces on the giant OTT platforms.


This movie is a historical biography of J. Robert Oppenheimer, who is known as the Father of Atomic Bomb. In World War II, a high-ranking army guy named General Groves picked a brainy scientist named Oppenheimer for a super-secret mission called the Manhattan Project. Oppenheimer and his team of smart folks spent ages figuring out how to build a super powerful bomb that worked by splitting tiny things called atoms. On July 16, 1945, they finally got to test it out, and BOOM! The world's first atomic bomb exploded, making everything different forever.

Watch the Christopher Nolan-directorial and Golden Globe winner on Amazon Prime Video.


Killers of the Flower Moon

This movie tells the heinous story about the Osage community, and how a woman went through such murderous incidents. Mollie Burkhart, a woman from the Osage tribe, finds out someone she truly loves is hurting her people. People are being killed because of oil money, and Mollie wants to stop it before it's too late. It's a story about love, betrayal, and fighting for what's right, even when things get really bad.

Lily Gladstone won a Golden Globe for her outstanding performance as Osage woman. Watch the movie on AppleTV+.


This Movie tells the life story about American composer Leonard Bernstein and his relationship with his wife Felicia Montealegre. Felicia Montealegre, a woman of captivating grace, found herself caught in the whirlwind of Leonard Bernstein's ambition. As he chased a golden prize, their love story unfolded in a series of whispered promises and unspoken doubts, leaving their future hanging in a precarious balance.

Watch the Bradley Cooper-directorial on Netflix.


This movie is the live-action version of the famous doll Barbie. It shows how the doll entered the human world, and faced challenges to be accepted. Barbie and Ken are super happy in their land where everything is bright and fun, like a giant rainbow playground. But then they get to visit our world, where people are real and things aren't always perfect. It's exciting, but also a little scary, because they have to figure out how to fit in and deal with all the ups and downs of being human.

Watch this Golden Globe winner movie on AppleTV+.

No Hard Feelings

This feel-good romance-comedy drama made Jennifer Lawrence achieve the nomination for Best Actress category at the 81st Golden Globes. To save her house from being taken away, a woman in trouble makes a deal. She will go on dates with the shy, weird 19-year-old son of rich folks. But things get tricky fast, and she's got less and less time to fix it before she loses everything.

Watch this Jennifer Lawrence-starrer on Netflix.

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