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Lovefully Yours Veda: Rajisha Vijayan on the significance of the film’s title and the ‘homework’ she did for the role

The upcoming film is directed by Praghesh Sukumaran.

Lovefully Yours Veda: Rajisha Vijayan on the significance of the film’s title and the ‘homework’ she did for the role

Last Updated: 08.28 PM, Mar 01, 2023


Rajisha Vijayan is all set to start the year with the bang, with her first two films of the year, Lovefully Yours Veda and Pakalum Paathiravum, scheduled for release on the same day. The former will see the actress essay the role of the titular protagonist, in the Praghesh Sukumaran directorial set against the backdrop of a college campus in the 1990s. The actress recently opened up about the significance of the film’s title, and her character, Sreeveda.

In conversation with Sony Music South, Rajisha spoke of the importance of the film’s title and revealed that it’s story is told through letters. “I had asked Praghesh(the director) about it, saying that people did not usually sign letters with lovefully. It was always yours sincerely, yours respectfully, yours dearly etc. He said that signing the letters with ‘lovefully’ was something unique to Veda, she was the only person who signed letters that way, hence the significance of the title”, she said.

Although the film was set in the 1990s, Rajisha said that she did not have to take a lot of effort to get into the skin of the character, despite the fact that the film marked her first Malayalam film set in the period. The actress had grown up watching films set in the 1980s and 1990s, and said “I still watch them, they’re our bible. So I had an idea about the period”.

Rajisha added that the director had a lot of clarity when it came to his vision. “So I mostly made sure to follow his instructions. So I didn't have to do a lot of homework per say”, said the actress.

The actress also opened up about how she chose her films, saying “From the day I entered the industry to now, there has been no change to the criteria with which I select my films. My screen time, whether it be even 5 mins, has never been of importance to me. Whether the script is good, whether my character can contribute to the story and whether the role challenges me as an actor, these are the only criteria I look for and will look for”.

Lovefully Yours Veda will be released on March 3.

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