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Lovely Runner episode 14 preview – Sun-jae refuses to recognize Im-sol, new twist in Byeon Woo-seok & Kim Hye-yoon’s drama

In Lovely Runner episode 14, Sun-jae is now an actor and is about to work in Im-sol's company

Lovely Runner episode 14 preview – Sun-jae refuses to recognize Im-sol, new twist in Byeon Woo-seok & Kim Hye-yoon’s drama
Lovely Runner

Last Updated: 04.14 PM, May 21, 2024


Lovely Runner episode 13 ended with Im-sol calling out for Ryu Sun-jae’s help while trying to rescue him from criminal Kim Young-gu (Lee Chul-woo). Sol is in Danpo-ri, and after the matter gets resolved, she starts wondering if she should have ever met Sun-jae. Now, episode 14 is up for release and things take a dramatic turn. It is to be noted that this is the last episode before the semi-finale, and this time around, there is hatred.

What happens in episode 14?

Im-sol got emotional on seeing Sun-jae in the future. While she is overwhelmed, he simply states that he has not made her cry. The past has changed, and so has the future. Thus, Sun-jae does not recognize Im-sol anymore.

Sun-jae is now a movie star. He tells his staff that he does not want to run into Im-sol again. At the same time, Im-sol asks Sun-jae to not star in a movie that her company is producing. Sun-jae thinks Im-sol hates him, and he is left confused about that.

Things do not end there since Sun-jae and Im-sol keep meeting at different places. When they end up talking about fate, Sun-jae jokes if he has to be ready to die so that Im-sol pays attention to him. Of course, the matter is a sensitive one, since it is what caused the time-travel in the first place. Episode 15 is likely to be about how Im-sol reacts to the statement.

The sudden switch in equation

It is interesting to note that at the beginning of episode 13, Im-sol and Sun-jae were on a date in an amusement park. He wanted her to come back to him in the future. She lied about the same, and went on a solo mission to protect Sun-jae from Young-gu. Ever since, nothing went as either of them expected.


When and where to watch Lovely Runner?

Indian audiences can watch Lovely Runner on Viki. The show streams only on Monday-Tuesday. Episode 13 has already released on Monday, May 20 and episode 14 will be out in a few hours on Tuesday, May 21. The finale episode i.e. episode 16 will be out on May 28. All the episodes release at 4.55 pm IST (which is 8.25 pm KST).

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