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Lovely Runner episode 16, finale – Will Kim Hye-yoon and Byeon Woo-seok’s K-Drama actually have a happy ending? Everything you can expect

The makers have hinted at both a happy and sad ending in Lovely Runner episode 16, which is the finale Kim Hye-yoon and Byeon Woo-seok’s K-Drama

Lovely Runner episode 16, finale – Will Kim Hye-yoon and Byeon Woo-seok’s K-Drama actually have a happy ending? Everything you can expect
Lovely Runner

Last Updated: 01.44 PM, May 28, 2024


Ever since Queen of Tears has stopped streaming, K-Drama fans are hooked on to the next best thing, which is Kim Hye-yoon and Byeon Woo-seok’s Lovely Runner. The show is coming to an end in some time today. While most K-Dramas are known for their happy endings, Lovely Runner might be the exact opposite. The story so far has been heartbreaking. Ryu Sun-jae and Im-sol refuse to acknowledge each other, despite being deeply in love at one point. Will the finale continue with that? Find out.

Not a happy ending?

It seems like Ryu Sun-jae and Im-sol might not be destined together after all. When the show began, Sun-jae died and Im-sol travelled in time in hopes to save him. While she did save him, he refused to acknowledge her existence. In the back-and-forth, Im-sol is now struggling with life.

The makers have hinted that the couple might not have a happy ending. In fact, Woo-seok also said that he couldn’t stop shedding tears after reading the finale episode. This has led many to believe that the show will have a sad ending, with either or both of them dying or refusing to acknowledge one another in the life that is bestowed upon them after the time travel.

Trailer teases happy ending

Interestingly, Kim Tae-Sung (Song Geon-Hee) saved Sun-jae from the taxi driver Kim Young-soo (Heo Hyung-kyu)’s attack. It is to be noted that Young-soo’s original target was Sol but since Sun-jae always came in between them, the taxi driver made the actor/singer his target.

Soon enough, Sun-jae remembers how he fell in love with Im-sol in every timeline. He realizes his feelings and wants to make things right. This is a big tease about the happy ending of the show. Sun-jae runs to Im-sol and gives her a warm embrace, asking her to forgive him. Baek In-hyuk (Lee Seung-hyub) advises Sun-jae to keep his relationship private this time. Of course, Sun-jae ignores that advice. As he spends some heart-fluttering moments with her, Sol feels they might look like a newly-married couple. Taking the hint, Sun-jae proposes marriage to Sol.

Tae-sung, on the other hand, chases the criminal down for his ex-lover (by chance), Sol. Even if once hurt in the process of Sol’s clash between the mature and immature (apart from the baggage he carries thanks to his own family), Tae-sung has now moved on and accepted Sol and Sun-jae as a couple.

When and where to watch Lovely Runner?

Indian audiences can watch Lovely Runner on Viki. The show streams only on Monday-Tuesday. Episode 15 (semi-finale) has already released on Monday, May 27 and episode 16 i.e. the finale episode will be out in a few hours on Tuesday, May 28. All the episodes release at 4.55 pm IST (which is 8.25 pm KST).

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