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Madame Web – 5 Dakota Johnson movies to binge on OTTs, before her superhero debut with Marvel

After showing some erotic moves in Fifty Shades of Grey, Dakota Johnson is all set to show off her action moves now in February

Madame Web – 5 Dakota Johnson movies to binge on OTTs, before her superhero debut with Marvel

The Lost Daughter, Persuation

Last Updated: 03.30 AM, Jan 05, 2024


Despite various captivating roles, Dakota Johnson rose to fame with her erotic moves in Fifty Shades of Grey opposite Jamie Dornan. Based on E.L. James’ namesake novel, the film series delve into the subject of tremendous sensual pleasures, that homosapiens can only imagine in his own world. The story explains all about extreme sexual desires, which can only be watched as a fictional flick.

Get ready for a new hero! Dakota Johnson dons the web of Madame Web in this exciting Marvel film, which will release on February16, 2024. This time, she's not just playing a captivating character, she's wielding precognitive abilities to protect the innocent from unseen threats. Brace yourself for an action-packed adventure with a unique twist.

Hence, before getting thrilled by her action moves, here are five films to binge, and dive into her captivating range with these five films that showcase her diverse talent.

The Social Network

This film is a biography of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. From dorm room code to global phenomenon, Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook revolutionised online connection. However, amidst the dizzying rise, personal ties unravel. Eduardo, his early collaborator, fell victim to Zuckerberg's ruthless drive, and a wide spread of betrayal followed the Facebook founder as he goes deeper into the pinnacle of the tech world. Watch the film on Netflix.


How to be Single

Alice, a newcomer in New York City, makes friends with Robin, a fun-loving colleague. In the bustling city, they explore all the exciting things you can do when you're not tied down like no boyfriends, no expectations, just friendship and adventure. They're on a mission to discover different ways to love and have relationships, all while enjoying their freedom in the city that never sleeps. Watch the film on Amazon Prime Video.

The Peanut Butter Falcon

A man named Joe, who has Down syndrome, didn't want to stay in the special house anymore. He wanted to be a wrestler, like his favourite superhero. So, he went on an adventure to find a wrestling school. On his way, he met a friendly guy named Jack who was a bit of a troublemaker. Jack ended up teaching Joe all about wrestling and became his best friend. Together, they trained hard and had lots of fun, even though things weren't always easy. Watch the film on Amazon Prime Video.

The Lost Daughter

A woman in her mid-40, takes a trip to the beach for some rest and relaxation. But things go wrong when she becomes obsessed with a mother and her daughter staying in a nearby house. Seeing them together stirs up some bad memories from her past, making her vacation turn into a bit of a mess. Watch the film on Netflix.


Anne Elliot is surprised when Frederick Wentworth, the man she once loved, but let go, suddenly reappears in her life. Now, she has a big decision, should she forget their past and move on, or give their love another try? It's a choice between playing it safe and taking a leap of faith. Watch the romance-drama on Netflix.

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