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Madu OTT release date – Watch the inspiring docufilm on a viral Nigerian ballet sensation on THIS platform

Madu OTT release date – The docufilm follows the inspiring journey of Anthony Madu from having zero formal training in ballet to winning scholarship in UK’s top ballet academy.

Madu OTT release date – Watch the inspiring docufilm on a viral Nigerian ballet sensation on THIS platform
Anthony Madu, ahead of his documentary Madu's OTT release

Last Updated: 11.40 AM, Mar 10, 2024


Madu OTT release date - Madu is a documentary film that traces the journey of Anthony Madu, a young Nigerian kid, whose 44-second video of doing ballet in the rain went viral in 2020 and was reposted and lauded by the likes of Viola Davis. Directed by Academy Award nominee Matt Ogens of Audible fame and Nigerian filmmaker Joel Kachi Benson of Daughters of Chibok, the docufilm releases on OTT this summer.

Release date and trailer of Madu


Madu will be released on Disney+hotstar on March 29, 2024. The documentary has also released a trailer that is as inspiring as it is a tearjerker. Madu follows the dream of a 12-year-old Nigerian boy who does not wish to let his family down no matter what. His only desire? To dance ballet wholeheartedly.

Name of Film Madu
Directors Matt Ogens and Joel Kachi Benson
Genre Documentary
Release Date March 29, 2024
OTT Platform Disney+hotstar

Story of Madu

When his dancing clip went viral in 2020, his family received a call from the Elmhurst Ballet School in England. It is a very exclusive and prestigious ballet academy that has noticed his raw talent and is willing to train him for seven years. The docufilm’s trailer offers a touching glimpse of the love and tough times that have brought up Madu as a sweet, hopeful, and responsible young man with values and goals to achieve.

When a person dreams and sleeps ballet on stage, it is bound to happen. But if only this was Madu’s sole challenge. The young boy, who has never stepped outside the tightly knit community of Lagos, must go and reside in England, away from his family, all alone. Also, he must be meticulous and diligent, catching up with his peers as he cannot afford to fall back.

For others, it would be a lost chance, for Madu, it would be a lost future. Also, staying alone and practicing ballet rigorously has given him several health problems. For a boy who has been trying his hand at ballet since 5, these are only deterrents, albeit strong ones. But the trailer shows how the young man is as dependable as cool-headed.

Madu must not give up on the most important thing in his life, ballet, no matter what. He has a loving family and the support of several unknown admirers, but most of all, he has strength of character and dedication. These are the two tools required for perfection in ballet, and from the looks of it, Madu has just begun revealing the tip of the talent iceberg.

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