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Maestro - Jamie, Alexander and Nina Bernstein REVEAL the film was supposed to directed by Martin Scorsese, before Bradley Cooper

Maestro has won AFI Movies of the Year and Gotham Independent Film Tribute Award, and is currently streaming on Netflix

Maestro - Jamie, Alexander and Nina Bernstein REVEAL the film was supposed to directed by Martin Scorsese, before Bradley Cooper

Still of Bradley Cooper and Carey Mulligan from Maestro

Last Updated: 10.21 AM, Dec 26, 2023


After captivating audiences at the prestigious Venice, AFI, and New York film festivals with its poignant portrayal of Leonard Bernstein’s life, Maestro, the Bradley Cooper-helmed cinematic masterpiece, finally graced select theatres on November 22 in the US. Now, the curtain rises on a wider stage, inviting the world to step into the captivating depths of this saga. The film was released on Netflix on December 20.

Maestro trailer

The trailer shows a famous music composer's life journey, from his early days to his big success. It is the biopic of real-life musician Leonard Bernstein, and it covers things like his love life, his music, his struggles with fame and sexuality, his relationship with wife actress Felicia Montealegre, and more. The trailer shows that the story is narrated by an old man.


Witnessing their mother's passing on the big screen at the 80th Venice Film Festival, was a deeply moving experience for Leonard Bernstein's children – Jamie, Alexander, and Nina. Tears welled up as they relived Felicia's final moments, transported back to a time of profound grief.

Jamie, Alexander and Nina Bernstein share their reactions on Maestro

Recently the trio had an intriguing interview with The Hollywood Reporter, where they shared their joy, devastation, their feelings about the film, their experience with Bradley Cooper, and also shared some inner news before the film went on floor.

While Alexander shared that it was kind of a rollercoaster of emotions for them to watch their parents’ story on screen. It was filled with tears, joy and overwhelming. “We became children again. And of course, we had to fill those seven minutes of applause with something.”, he concluded.

Nina shared that their experiences with Bradley Cooper were amazing. He did things in a way that made everyone love him, and they all felt really close to him. Cooper’s including Jamie, Alexander and Nina while working on the film, sharing the script with them, making sure that they all felt comfortable, everything about Bradley won their hearts.

What! Maestro was supposed to directed by them?

For the unversed, Martin Scorsese was supposed to make Maestro, but he kept pushing back the start date. So, they offered it to Steven Spielberg, but he was too busy making his West Side Story. In the end, Bradley Cooper ended up directing Maestro.

The most heart wrenching part of Maestro for Jamie was witnessing the decline and passing of their mother, Felicia Montealegre. Though they knew the scene was coming, having read the script beforehand, the raw vulnerability of portraying it proved immensely distress. “In shooting it, in narrating it, even and especially in pitching it to us: If we had seen it all at once, in a preview, it would have destroyed us, we would have fallen apart”, Jamie shared.

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