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Maharani 3 – Huma Qureshi and Amit Sial answer the most searched questions as Rani Bharti and Navin Kumar

Maharani 3 is set to premiere soon on OTT. To ease the burgeoning curiosity of the audience for the much-anticipated third season, Huma Qureshi and Amit Sial answer the most searched questions.

Maharani 3 – Huma Qureshi and Amit Sial answer the most searched questions as Rani Bharti and Navin Kumar
Amit Sial and Huma Qureshi answer the most searched questions ahead of Maharani 3's OTT release

Last Updated: 03.50 PM, Mar 06, 2024


Huma Qureshi and Amit Sial participate in a candid and restrained interaction as Rani Bharti and Navin Kumar answer the most searched questions online about the upcoming Season 3 of Maharani. The interaction clip, released by Sony Liv, begins with Qureshi’s Rani highlighting how she is always interested in the views of her people.

Huma Qureshi and Amit Sial answer the most searched questions for Maharani 3

She says that she is going to give Navin Kumar’s preference for data and surveys a chance, by answering some questions. The first question inquires about Rani Bharti’s favorite ‘muhavra’ or idiom. A smart Rani wastes no time in answering that her favourite idiom among the numerous others she was brought up on in the village, remains ‘Haathe chale bazar, toh kuttey bhauke hazar’.


It roughly translates into ‘Hundreds of dogs can only bark when an elephant sets alone for the bazaar’. The answer is followed by a fun response from Navin Kumar as a brief amusing repartee ensues. The next question addressed Navin Kumar, asking what else he can cook but pasta. A confident Kumar declares that he can cook anything, provide a recipe and get the dish.

But Rani Bharti vehemently refuses the offer, asserting the high probability of being poisoned by his wilful hands. Amit Sial simply states that Rani Bharti is cooking pulao out of thin air (aka seeing chickens where there are only eggs) before moving on to the net question. The next question is the only one to which both politicians answer on the same wavelength.

When Navin Kumar and Rani Bharti matched wavelength

When questioned if Kaalanaag can be trusted, both respond negatively in unison after sharing a look. While Navin Kumar described his eternally ‘on the fence’ or whimsical nature, Rani Bharti admits that she does not know much about him but states that she can recognise a fox or a sly deceiver from a distance.

A laughing Kumar simply hints at the character’s bigger role in season 3 and the fact that his real nature is still under wraps. The next question shakes the cosy, amusing atmosphere by asking who killed Bheema Bharti. Navin Kumar declares first that, though he does play political games, murder is not in his blood.

He looks accusingly at Rani Bharti and taunts her for becoming a liar. Rani Ji simply answers that she belongs to a culture of women who believe that marriage ends only with one’s death. Even contemplating the murder of her husband is unthinkable for her, despite the differences and conflicts in their marriage.

The video ends with Huma Qureshi’s Rani asking the audience a question: What will Rani do to fight against these corrupt and scamming politicians of Bihar in Season 3 of Maharani? To answer the question, the audience must not miss Maharani 3 on Sony Liv on March 8.

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