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Mahesh Babu's beach-facing villa in Dubai becomes a hot topic of discussion

Mahesh Babu buys property in Dubai, spends 70 crores on a beach-facing villa

Mahesh Babu's beach-facing villa in Dubai becomes a hot topic of discussion

Mahesh Babu

  • Avad Mohammad

Last Updated: 09.18 AM, Apr 29, 2023

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Mahesh Babu is one of the biggest stars in the country. All his last few films ended as big hits at the box office. Not many know that Mahesh Babu also co-produces most of his films and makes big money from the film's collections and various post-release rights. So, naturally, he has amassed a huge amount of wealth in the last few days.

We all know that Mahesh Babu now owns a plush multiplex, AMB Cinemas in Hyderabad. His wife, Namrata also entered the food and beverages business recently. Now, the latest news which has gone viral in the film circles is that Mahesh Babu has bought a swanky villa in Dubai. He has spent a whopping amount on this property which is on the beach side of Dubai as per the news.

Mahesh Babu in SSMB28.
Mahesh Babu in SSMB28.

A few days back, Mahesh was seen at the Hyderabad airport and the news is that the star hero is in Dubai for the registration of this property. The word is also that Mahesh has spent a whopping 70 crores on this property. Mahesh charges anywhere between 50 to 60 crores per film. Mahesh is one of the most planned when it comes to investment in Telugu cinema and this Dubai property is part of his plan for the last few years.

In the last few years, a number of Indian actors have invested in properties in Dubai but Mahesh Babu is the first Telugu actor to do so as per the news. Mahesh is known for his international holidays and ever since he shot his last film Sarkaru Vaari Pata in Dubai, he is in love with the culture and decided to buy a property there.