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Vyavastha Web Series Review: The Sampath Raj, Karthik Rathnam show is for a strictly few passable thrills

Vyavastha on Zee 5 Web Series Review: A good plot but with mediocre execution

Vyavastha Web Series Review: The Sampath Raj, Karthik Rathnam show is for a strictly few passable thrills

Last Updated: 02.15 PM, Apr 28, 2023



Vyavastha on Zee 5 starts off with Yamini(Hebah Patel) shooting her husband on the day of her marriage itself. The case is assigned to Avinash Chakraborty(Sampath Raj), a ruthless lawyer. But in a turnaround of events, Yamini backs off in the court saying she does not trust Avinash Chakraborthy anymore, and requests the reputed lawyer's assistant Vamsi Krishna to take up the case. To everyone's shock, Vamsi Krishna takes up the case. Why did Yamini choose Vamsi Krishna? Is there any connection between the two? and how will Vamsi fight the powerful Avinash Chakraborty? That forms the rest of the story.


Vysvastha on Zee 5 is a courtroom drama spearheaded by Sampath Raj and Karthik Rathnam. Anand Ranga has created and directed this show which starts on an interesting note. The first episode sets up the basic plot of the entire show. A rookie young lawyer taking on his own boss for reasons only known to him is the plot. The setting is realistic and the intent of the show is pretty good. But the grip in the thrills is missing a bit.

After a very interesting first episode, the series slows down with a silly romantic flashback. Once the show gets back to reality, there is so much to unleash for director Anand Ranga. He does so through the powerful character of Sampath Raj who is the highlight of the show. If not for him, Vyavastha would have been quite dull. He bulldozes into his character and his powerful role takes control.

Hebah in Vyavastha
Hebah in Vyavastha

But director Anand Ranga has too much on his plate and deviates from the topic. Too many subplots are created which are not handled properly. The story looks impressive on paper but is not execution-wise. There is a hook point at the end of each episode but that is not transformed well onto the screen in the next. So many scenes are added just for the sake of it and deviate from the actual point. When you see the trailer, one would imagine that there will be gritty courtroom scenes but that does not happen. The show is more of a David vs Goliath kind of scenario and Sampath Raj is shown as just another bad guy in the form of a lawyer.

Karthik Rathnam gets a meaty part and does sincerely in his role. But for some reason, he does not stand to the might of Sampath Raj and looks pale in many scenes. The so-called confrontation scenes are also not that great. Hebah Patel looks confused in her look and her awkwardness is clearly shown in her body language. Kamna Jethmalaini makes her comeback with this series and she was impressive and her twist was also neat. The rest of the cast is new and does not create much of an impact.

Vyavastha poster
Vyavastha poster

Vyavastha loses the plot in terms of emotions. While director Anand Ranga shows Sampath Raj's ideology in a solid manner but loses the plot when it comes to other key characters. There is so much to take in hand as too many subplots get us deviated. There are not many bad scenes but also, there are not many gripping twists that will hold your attention. The courtroom visuals, BGM, and dialogues are impressive. In a way, the makers had a good subject on hand but the execution could have been a lot better as a simple series is made complicated.



On the whole, Vyavastha is a crime drama that is good on paper. It starts off on an impressive note but the key twists are not executed properly. Also, too many subplots spoil the experience a bit. All those who have a liking for courtroom dramas can give this series a shot only if you have plenty of time on your hands.

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