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Mammootty is always searching for new ideas, Mohanlal is effortless; Sibi Malayil makes major revelations

Sibi Malayil, who has directed Mammootty and Mohanlal in many iconic films, recently spoke about the duos’ careers. The filmmaker also opened up about his plans to work with the Bramayugam actor.

Mammootty is always searching for new ideas, Mohanlal is effortless; Sibi Malayil makes major revelations
Mohanlal in Neru, Mammootty in Bramayugam

Last Updated: 08.20 PM, Mar 17, 2024


Sibi Malayil, the senior filmmaker has made some of the most iconic films in the Malayalam industry. He is one of those very rare filmmakers who have closely worked with the superstars, Mammootty and Mohanlal, and extracted some of the finest performances in the duo’s respective careers. In a recent interview with The New Indian Express, the veteran director extensively spoke about working with the superstars, and how different they are, as actors.

Mammootty is searching for new ideas, Mohanlal is effortless – Sibi Malayil

Sibi Malayil, who is highly excited about the new phase in Mammootty’s acting career, revealed that he has always been searching for new ideas. Acc ording to the senior director, the megastar is always thinking about what to do next, and how to make his next outing different from his previous films. When he is acting in a film, the veteran actor would have already started thinking about his next project. Sibi Malayil recalled that Mammootty had always been like this, ever since he first met the actor.


The Thaniyavarthanam director pointed out that the legendary actor is always open to meeting new talents, and that is how he introduced so many filmmakers into the industry. Interestingly, Sibi Malayil added Mammootty is not reluctant to reach out for roles and new projects if he wants to do something different and interesting.

Mohanlal, however, has always been quite effortless in everything he does. The complete actor of Malayalam cinema has never really searched for roles or films in his career. Instead, it is the films and filmmakers who have always reached out to the superstar. And the Neru actor has always tried to pick the best out of whatever comes to him. Sibi Malayil stated that everything comes naturally to Mohanlal, and he doesn’t have to put in a lot of effort or take the strain.

Sibi Malayil to reunite with Mammootty soon

Interestingly, the veteran filmmaker also revealed that he is indeed planning to reunite with Mammootty for a project, very soon. Even though the duo planned another film a few years back, it did not materialise due to production issues. However, Sibi Malayil and Hemanth Kumar are now working on a script for the megastar. If things fall in place, a major announcement might come out, in a few weeks.

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