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Manjummel Boys to get a Hindi and Telugu version before its OTT release?

Manjummel Boys has already crossed Rs 160 crore at the box office, but its OTT release could be delayed due to its Hindi and Telugu versions

Manjummel Boys to get a Hindi and Telugu version before its OTT release?
A still from Manjummel Boys

Last Updated: 04.06 PM, Mar 13, 2024


Malayalam movie Manjummel Boys has already set some major box office records, not just in Kerala but in Tamil Nadu too. It’s a massive feat considering that the movie, unlike many other superhits recently, only had a Malayalam version. After crossing Rs 160 crore at the box office , the team is now reportedly set to release its Hindi and Telugu versions before its OTT release.

Director Chidambaram’s Manjummel Boys, which has been enjoying humongous success across the South states, will stand to benefit even more if its Telugu and Hindi versions hit theatres. Even though many have already watched the film in Malayalam, the makers are reportedly gung-ho about stretching the film’s box office performance over Rs 200 crore and also across the North Indian belt -considering its relatable theme of friendship and the survival thriller genre.


Manjummel Boys inspired by Premalu’s Telugu success

The makers of the film had to only look at the recent Malayalam release Premalu, which also released in February, and how its Telugu version is doing. Premalu’s Telugu version, which hit theatres on March 8, has already managed to outperform Gaami and Bhimaa in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana – a feat that few Malayalam movies have done so far.

Considering the hype of Manjummel Boys, the movie is also expected to repeat this feat, depending on how soon the makers are able to release the film in Telugu and Hindi. The previous Malayalam thriller, 2018, failed to achieve this feat due to the delay in releasing the dubbed version across India, and this should have served as a major lesson for the producers of these superhits.

A still from Manjummel Boys
A still from Manjummel Boys

Manjummel Boys’ OTT release to be delayed?

As per reports, the makers of Manjummel Boys, which revolves around the rescue of a Malayali youth who falls 200 feet into a pit at the Guna Caves in Kodaikanal, is yet to strike its OTT deal. Industry insiders claim that the producers are demanding a price of Rs 20 crore for its OTT rights, which the big streaming platforms aren’t keen to shell out on a Malayalam movie – especially one that has enjoyed the theatrical success as Manjummel Boys.

This could be another reason the makers are bullish about releasing the film in other languages – to maximise the revenue of the film, which has Soubin Shahir, Ganapathy, Sreenath Bhasi, Deepak Parambol and Arun Kurian in pivotal roles.

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