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Mannara Chopra spoke to Priyanka Chopra Jonas post Bigg Boss 17, here’s how their conversation went

Mannara Chopra was the second runner-up on Bigg Boss 17 and Priyanka Chopra Jonas followed her journey without having access to the Salman Khan-hosted show

Mannara Chopra spoke to Priyanka Chopra Jonas post Bigg Boss 17, here’s how their conversation went
Mannara Chopra-Priyanka Chopra

Last Updated: 08.55 PM, Feb 01, 2024


Mannara Chopra had a conversation with her cousin Priyanka Chopra Jonas post her stint on Bigg Boss 17. The latter expressed a lot of love for Mannara and she proudly gave details of their conversation during her recent interaction with the media. Priyanka even promised a gift for Mannara, which the latter demanded from her sister. It is to be noted that Bigg Boss 17 did not broadcast in the US.

Priyanka aware of Mannara’s journey

During their conversation, Priyanka revealed that she knows all details of Mannara’s journey inside the Bigg Boss 17 house. This is despite the show not airing in the US. Priyanka shared that she got tagged on various posts and thus, she is well-aware of what Mannara was like on the show hosted by Salman Khan.

Mannara not taking family name

Priyanka then told Mannara that she is proud of her for asking others to talk about her rather than her family. To that, Mannara said that she felt awkward going ahead on the show with the family name.


Mannara’s upcoming gift

Mannara also revealed details of the gift she will be getting from Priyanka. The latter wanted to send Mannara some cash but the Bigg Boss 17 second runner-up refused that. Instead, Mannara asked Priyanka to send some clothes since she has many interviews and events to attend after the show ended. “Promise, hum kapde bhejenge,” Priyanka told Mannara. Thus, in her excited voice, Mannara exclaimed to the media, “Now I’m waiting ki kapde aayenge and I’ll rock!”

Mannara, the second runner-up

Mannara beat Ankita Lokhande to come in top three. She became the second runner-up of the show. While at the beginning on Bigg Boss 17, Mannara was tagged as Bigg Boss’ favourite, as the season came to an end, the viewers were divided between calling her the favourite of the show and their own favourite contestant on the show.

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