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Margot Robbie reacts to the Oscar snub for Barbie - 'There’s no way to feel sad when you know you’re this blessed'

Margot Robbie has highlighted Barbie's success amid Oscars' snub criticism.

Margot Robbie reacts to the Oscar snub for Barbie - 'There’s no way to feel sad when you know you’re this blessed'
Margot Robbie in and as Barbie

Last Updated: 09.41 AM, Feb 01, 2024


Despite Barbie receiving an astounding eight Oscar nominations this year, Margot Robbie is unfazed by the Academy Awards' decision to pass on her best actress nod. The actor produced the smash hit comedy, which earned a Best Picture nomination in 2024. During a recent SAG-AFTRA meeting, she and her Barbie co-stars were asked about the Best Actress Oscar omission and the subsequent fury.

Robbie's perspective on Greta Gerwig's exclusion

As per Variety, Robbie addressed the setback by saying that there's no way to feel sad when one knows they are this blessed. She went on to say that Greta Gerwig's exclusion from the best director race was somewhat more distressing. The actor declared that she definitely believes Greta ought to be nominated as a director. She accomplished something that few people do in their entire careers. What she accomplished is truly remarkable. However, every single film has had a phenomenal year.


Regardless, Robbie expressed her immense joy about the film's eight Oscar nominations, which include best picture, adapted screenplay, supporting actor for Ryan Gosling, supporting actress for America Ferrera, costume design, production design, two nominations for original song, and two more.

Impact of Barbie on culture

The actor added that the fact that everyone has gotten nominations is absolutely remarkable, and the best picture nod in particular. They set out to develop something that would move society, affect culture, or just make some sort of impact. Not only that, but it has accomplished a great deal more than they had anticipated. In all honesty, it is the greatest benefit that could result from this.

According to Robbie, the most rewarding part of this whole process has been seeing how people respond to the film. She has never been a part of anything like this before, whether it's reading the comments on the posts or simply taking in all the pink in the room at the moment. Not in this way. The actor has gotten a lot of attention for her work in comic book stuff, but this felt completely different. Also, the last time a film had such a profound cultural impact was when being right in the middle of a storm was an incredible experience.

Response to Oscars snubs from Gosling and Ferrera

After the nominees for this year's Oscars were announced, Robbie and Gerwig's combined omissions caused quite a stir. Gosling and Ferrera, who were both nominated, addressed the snubs in their own ways and voiced their disgust with the Academy.

Ferrera expressed her awe at Margot's accomplishments as an actor in an interview with Variety. She said that Robbie has the ability to make everything look effortless, and maybe they were made to believe it was easy since she is a magic show when she's onscreen. Ferera thinks she's fantastic.

Gosling continued by saying that the two individuals most responsible for this groundbreaking, internationally acclaimed picture are Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie, and without them, neither Ken nor Barbie would exist. Everyone in the film owes it everything to their incredible talent, unwavering determination, and sheer brilliance. Their omission from the nominations in their respective categories is something he is deeply disappointed about.

At the forthcoming Screen Actors Guild Awards, Robbie has received a best actress nomination. The entire team at Barbie is also vying for the top accolade of the night for outstanding ensemble in a motion film.

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