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Mark Antony Twitter reviews: Audiences say Vishal, SJ Suryah guarantee 'non-stop entertainment'

Based on initial reactions, Mark Antony seemed to have struck a rich vein with the movie-going audiences.

Mark Antony Twitter reviews: Audiences say Vishal, SJ Suryah guarantee 'non-stop entertainment'
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Last Updated: 08.02 AM, Sep 15, 2023

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Filmmaker Adhik Ravichandran's career depends on the success of Mark Antony. This movie was supposed to reveal the actual talent of the young director, who has so far limited his storytelling skills to adult comedies. "All the movies he did to date were for his survival but, Mark Antony is for his career. His actual journey in Tamil cinema begins with this movie," Vishal told OTTplay earlier.

Mark Antony opened in cinemas in Tamil Nadu and in other parts of the states to encourage response from the audiences. Those, who watched the movie first day, and the first show, seemed to agree with Vishal's assessment.

Vishal was very upbeat about Mark Antony from the very beginning. And his belief in Adhik's talent seemed to have paid off. The movie has struck a rich vein with the movie-going audiences. Not just the fans of Adhik but even his critics seem to have lapped up his time-travelling gangster drama.


Mark Antony first reviews

"Never liked Adhik Ravichandran's films, not even his blockbuster TIN but in #MarkAntony he has put actual effort in writing & staging to entertain instead of relying on just phone sex references. The film takes its own sweet time 2 take off but from the interval point it's all bonkers," wrote a Twitter user after watching the movie.

Mark Antony seems to have a lot of high points in its 165-minute run time. The movie revolves around a scientific breakthrough by a mad scientist in the 1990s. And the invention of the telephone allows the protagonist to travel back and forth in time. The movie begins with Mark, Vishal, a timid mechanic, who uses the telephone to travel back in time to meet his father, a flamboyant and merciless gangster Antony, (Vishal, again).

One of the biggest stays of Mark Antony seems to be SJ Suryah's performance. He plays Atony's crime partner, who seems to infuse the narration with a lot of humour.

Mark Antony also stars Suneel, Selvaraghavan, Ritu, Abhinaya, Kingsley and Y.G.Mahendran.