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MasterChef India: Kolkata's Priyanka Kundu’s dream ends, netizens allege biased judgement

Her elimination sparked huge controversies on social media

MasterChef  India: Kolkata's Priyanka Kundu’s dream ends, netizens allege biased judgement
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 06.24 PM, Mar 12, 2023

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MasterChef India’s journey is gradually going to its final round. Just before the grand finale of the seventh season, Kolkata’s Priyanka Kundu Biswas was eliminated. Her elimination sparked huge controversies on social media. The show's transparency is under question after the hot-favorite candidate is eliminated. Netizens are harshly criticizing the judges and the showrunners. 

The show has been hotly debated for the last few weeks. The three judges, Ranbir Brar, Vikas Khanna, and Garima Arora, are allegedly biased toward some of the contestants. In fact, their extra support for Aruna Bijay and Kamaldip Kaur is a tad too evident. They even changed the show's rule a few days back so that Aruna's religious sentiments were not hurt. She was permitted to cook with paneer, instead of fish. On the other hand, a prominent chef competed with Priyanka in the Immunity Pin Challenge, an incident that is unprecedented. 

In the present week, Sachin, Subarna, Priyanka, and Gurkirat were in the Black Apron Challenge. Chef Vikas Khanna gave them a ‘grill’ challenge. Contestants had to cook on a grill, instead of gas or an oven. Priyanka was eliminated from the show after cooking prawn paturi. The entire MasterChef team flew to Abu Dhabi before the final round. Priyanka did not come back to the MasterChef kitchen from there. 

The judges are criticized on social media. Someone wrote, “No one can be a MasterChef cooking only vegetarian food. Stop being partial to Aruna. Priyanka was and will be the best.” Another person wrote, “Evidently, you are not transparent. What happened with Priyanka was not right. This is one hellish season of MasterChef.” Many people brought up the issue of regionalism also. Since all the judges are Punjabis, hence they are partial to Kamaldip, according to some. Kamaldip, the home cook from Punjab, has already reached the final round by winning the Ticket To Finale.