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MasterChef India season 7: Aruna Vijay to Nayanjyoti - homecooks struggle in 'liquid to solid' challenge

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MasterChef India season 7: Aruna Vijay to Nayanjyoti - homecooks struggle in 'liquid to solid' challenge

MasterChef India season 7

Last Updated: 10.12 PM, Mar 13, 2023


Masterchef India season 7 is gearing towards the exciting finale to find the best chef of 2023. As the show getting close to the final week, the challenges among the contestants are getting tougher. From Aruna Vijay to Nayanjyoti, homecooks struggle in this week's liquid to solid challenge. 

A new teaser showcases the challenges that the contestants are facing. The video begins with the judges introducing the task of the day to all the home cooks.

Micheline star Ranveer Brar lifts up multiple cloch and uncovers different drinks of India including masala chai, paani puri and more. Talking about the challenge, the actor-chef says, "You challenge of the day is liquid to solid challenge. We have the iconic drinks of our country in front of you all. You have to convert the flavour of these liquid dishes into a solid edible form."

As the task begins, Santa Sharma reveals to Judge Garima Arora that she is making a dish with chicken, while the latter says, "It is a very technical dish. First of all, you have to cook it and them cool it down and all these process takes time. Please choose your technique of cooking today according to the time.

Moving on, Ranveer and Garima move to Aruna's cooking station and check her dish. After reviewing the dough of her dish, the judges tell her that it's not up to the mark. Post that, at Nayanjyoti's cooking platform, he can be seen struggling through the process of cooking prawns for his dishes. Other home cooks also seem stressed during this challenge.

The makers drop the latest promo video with a special caption that reads, "The judges have a new challenge under their cloche. Our home cooks have to come up with a dish using our nation's iconic drinks' flavours. To see how they face this challenge watch #MasterChefIndia Streaming now on #SonyLIV and available on #SonyEntertainmentTelevision. (sic)."

Check out the video here:


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