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MasterChef India Season 7 promo: Homecooks battle it out for 'immunity pin' - Watch

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MasterChef India Season 7 promo: Homecooks battle it out for 'immunity pin' - Watch

MasterChef India Season 7

Last Updated: 11.57 PM, Feb 17, 2023


After some tough challenges, the makers have now brought on of the most crucial task for home cooks. The latest promo video informs that now the contestants need to battle it out for an 'immunity pin.' 

The promo video begins with Chef Ranveer Brar motivating the contestants and saying, "Dreams are the fuel of our lives. And to make the dream come true, we need to get up and work for it. At some point in time, we feel that it is now or never. And if we did not do anything now then the dream will just remain as a dream only. For you all that now or never is now. This dream (pointing towards the immunity pin) is the fuel of your MasterChef journey. That's why go and get it."

Behind the scenes, home cook Priyanka says, "Last time, I lost the immunity pin by a very small margin. This time, I am going to give it all to get that pin."

Moving on Chef Vikas Khanna explains the challenge of the day and says, "Today's challenge is the 'lucky dip challenge' in MsterChef India. Today we've brought your lucky ingredients."

"You have five rows. In the first one, you have dairy, in the second, you have protein. Moving on, in the third row we have our curve ball or twist, while in the fourth fruits and vegetables are there. In the fifth and last row, we have herbs and spices. You'll get to open one cloche in each row and will have to cook with those 5 main ingredients that you'll get. However, you'll get one chance to change your ingredient, but if you swapped your ingredient once then you cannot get back to your last one," adds Judge Ranveer.

Check out the full promo video here:

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