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Matthe Maduve, Kannada version of Naresh & Pavithra Lokesh's Malli Pelli, set for a June release

While Naresh himself produced the film, MS Raju wrote and directed the film

Matthe Maduve, Kannada version of Naresh & Pavithra Lokesh's Malli Pelli, set for a June release
Naresh and Pavithra Lokesh
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Last Updated: 04.05 PM, Jun 04, 2023

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M.S. Raju's Malli Pelli caught everyone's attention for featuring actors Naresh and Pavithra Lokesh. With the couple's real-life relationship, which received exceptional scrutiny from the media and the general public, being the centre of the semi-biographical tale, one was intrigued to see the actors themselves participating in telling their story. Naresh also served as the film's producer.

While the vibrancy of their relationship promised to be one of the main highlights of Malli Pelli, the audience certainly hoped to see the director handling it with maturity and thoughtfulness. The film eventually arrived in cinema halls on May 26 and received mixed to positive reviews from the critics who were impressed by the non-linear structure of the narrative but found the same screenplay to be slightly laborious in parts. OTTplay's review of Malli Pelli highlights MS Raju's neat execution and handling of the sensitive material but also reckoned that the film may not interest all sections of the audience.

And now, following a decent run at the box office, the Kannada version of Malli Pelli is all set to release in theatres. Titled Matthe Maduve, the film has been dubbed in Kannada and according to the latest reports, it will arrive in cinemas on June 9. With Pavithra Lokesh being a recognized actor in her home region of Karnataka, the makers would expect her popularity, combined with the film's merit, to fetch good results at the box office. 

Both Naresh and Pavithra Lokesh were at the centre of the pre-release promotional activity as they fielded tough questions from the press about the film's subject matter. The lead pair would also do extensive publicity in Karnataka and one can expect them to reboot the promotions ahead of the release of the Kannada version on June 9.