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Maya Hawke’s Robin to Sadie Sink’s Max – Stranger Things characters that can lead strong spin-offs

As we await Stranger Things Season 5, there are rumours about the makers planning multiple spin-offs. So, we thought that we would help them out a bit...

Maya Hawke’s Robin to Sadie Sink’s Max – Stranger Things characters that can lead strong spin-offs
Stranger Things Spin-Offs

Last Updated: 05.47 PM, Dec 15, 2023


While Netflix continues to bring us content and looks all set to release its most expensive movie of 2023, Rebel Moon, the demand for the new season of Stranger Things, Stranger Things Season 5, is not fading anytime soon. The buzz will most likely continue until the final season is released on the streaming platform. But while we all wait with bated breaths, let’s not forget that the IP also has the potential to branch out and have as many spin-offs as the Duffer Brothers and their associates could imagine. 

Recently, there was a rumour that the makers of Stranger Things were planning to make multiple spin-offs of the show. We have already heard a lot about the Millie Bobby Brown-centric spin-off, but nothing about that was heard later. However, if the new rumour is true, there is a whole lot of Hawkins content coming our way. 

So we thought of helping Netflix and the Duffer Brothers out by listing the characters we are curious to know more about and think deserve a spin-off. Read on. 

Max Mayfield


Max has had quite the journey on Stranger Things. Coming from a troubled childhood, she is now in the hands of her rogue brother. She found friends but a disaster was awaiting. She lost her brother and was soon fighting a monster with her friends. Stop reading if you haven’t watched season 4 yet. But then again, you deserve spoilers if you haven’t watched it. So, we'll go on. Maz sacrificed herself to save others. So, a character as complex as her and one that has suffered hardship certainly deserves to have their own show, amirite? 

Robin Buckley

Maya Hawke’s Robin is one of the most interesting characters. Robin, who looks like a careless girl who can take down anything that comes at her, has a softer side to her. Be it her companions or her past life, we don’t know much about it. There is a whole lot of mystery around her and that needs to be explored. She will make for a brilliant spin-off in the right hands. Maya is quite capable of carrying an entire show on her shoulders. 

Dustin and Suzie’s Love Story

A monster is following a gang, while the one who can save them is singing a romantic song with his nerdy girlfriend. Dustin and Suzie are a couple that deserves to have their story taken forward. The cuteness that these two bring is so heartwarming. So much so that even Vecna would agree to this. 

Jim Hopper

Hopper has lived quite the life and David Harbour has made sure we root for him. There are too many branches one can tap into if one decides to focus on his story. This includes his life before Eleven, his time in the Russian prison, and much more. If this comes to reality, the buzz will be massive because David has indeed become a shining star in the streaming space. 

Eddie Munson

Eddie’s death has to be the most emotional and shocking twist of Season 4. He is an eccentric guy who is also the Dungeon Master for the Hellfire Club. Perhaps a loopback into his young days through D&D’s will be a great idea, considering he is dead in the current timeline and is also safe bait.

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