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Mea Culpa trailer - Is it a therapy session or thrilling case for Kelly Rowland?, ‘If he's not lying, he's a…’

Tyler Perry collaborates with Netflix for the fifth time, after A Fall From Grace, A Madea Homecoming, A Jazz Man's Blues, and Six Triple Eight

Mea Culpa trailer - Is it a therapy session or thrilling case for Kelly Rowland?, ‘If he's not lying, he's a…’

Stills from Mea Culpa

Last Updated: 08.04 PM, Jan 24, 2024


Tyler Perry and Netflix are like two peas in a pod these days, with their partnership blossoming stronger with each project. Their latest collaboration, Mea Culpa, marks their fifth consecutive venture, building on the success of A Fall From Grace (2020), A Madea Homecoming (2022), A Jazzman's Blues (2022), and the much-anticipated Six Triple Eight. This prolific partnership has cemented Perry's status as one of Netflix's go-to directors, particularly when it comes to gripping thrillers.

What does the trailer show?

Mea Culpa was announced last year by Netflix, and now the streaming giant has finally dropped the official trailer. It shows Kelly Rowland as a criminal attorney Mea Harper. With the media frenzy surrounding the case of Zyair Malloy (Trevante Rhodes), an artist accused of killing his girlfriend, Kelly Rowland steps in as his defense, determined to uncover the truth hidden under the accusations.

As the Mike-star delves deep into his girlfriend's habits and preferences, a peculiar tension fills the room. His descriptions, while detailed, seem to send shivers down Rowland's spine. She breaks her unsettling silence by reminding Rhodes of their professional boundary, and tells him that she's his attorney, not a friend to lean on.


While Rowland starts to interrogate folks who knew Rhodes and his girlfriend well, a guy throws out a shocking theory, "If he's not telling the truth, he's gotta be crazy." This sets the mood for a spooky story, filled with mysterious past events that will leave you wanting to know what happened in the past.

Kelly Rowland and Trevante Rhodes' killing chemistry

Just when things seemed to cool down, something weird happened the next moment. Kelly and Trevante started acting all romantic in a creepy kind of way, with candles flickering and whiskey making everything feel even weirder in a dark cold room.

Mea Culpa star-cast

A lawyer who dreams of becoming a big boss at his firm decides to take on a tricky case. It's about an artist accused of killing someone, and he thinks it'll help him get promoted. It's gonna be a tough fight, but he's determined to win. The thriller-drama also stars Sean Sagar, Nick Sagar, RonReaco Lee, Shannon Thornton and Angela Robinson in pivotal roles.

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