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The Killer OTT release date - Legendary director David Fincher’s another dark masterpiece coming soon on THIS platform

The Killer OTT release date - Have you watched Seven, Fight Club and Gone Girl? We bet you would love to watch The Killer as well

The Killer OTT release date - Legendary director David Fincher’s another dark masterpiece coming soon on THIS platform

The Killer

Last Updated: 01.42 PM, May 02, 2024


Back in 2023, audiences rejoiced in the return of David Fincher, the visionary director who has achieved 3 Oscar nominations. His latest offering was The Killer, which was not just a film, it was like a celebration to watch his masterpiece. Critics couldn't stop expressing their excitement and showered him with praise. On the other hand, moviegoers flocked to theatres to watch Fincher's signature style on the big screen. The Killer was not just a critical darling, it was also a commercial powerhouse. It garnered a staggering $455 million at the global box office. Michael Fassbender’s performance as the killer earned him immense appreciation.

When, where to watch Michael Fassbender's The Killer

If you have loved Brad Pitt’s Seven (1995), Fight Club (1998), or Ben Affleck’s Gone Girl (2014), or Robert Downey Jr.’s Zodiac (2007), or even Daniel Craig’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011), we bet you won't be able to miss David Fincher’s The Killer this time. So, keep an eye on SonyLIV, as The Killer is releasing on May 3, 2024. You can also watch the action-thriller through OTTplay Premium.

Name  The Killer
Genre Action-thrilller
Director David Fincher
Cast Michael Fassbender, Sophie Charlotte, Tilda Swinton, Monique Genderton, Charles Parnell
Release date May 3, 2024
Streaming platform SonyLIV

The Killer story

Isolated from society, a solitary figure is wrapped up in darkness. Each and every action he takes is calculated. Morality has left his body and his eyes are fixed on his victims, waiting for the right moment to destroy them. Being an assassin does not seem like a hardship for him. However, while waiting for victims in the darkness, he is losing his mind and is becoming more and more restless.

The Killer unfolds in the captivating city of Paris, where an enigmatic killer is patiently waiting for his victim in the shadows. As the story goes deeper, you will get some hints about the Killer's psyche. You will begin to understand the type of life he is living with unshakable principles that guide his every move. Trust is a luxury that he cannot afford. He lives only for his targeted missions. Like a psychopath, he has no empathy. However, what happens next? Will he be able to catch his victim? What's his mission? To know more, you just have to wait for a few hours!

The Killer's OTT success

The Killer’s story is adapted from a French graphic novel series of the same name. The action-thriller was first released on Netflix, and within no time it garnered 27. 9 million views and 55.7 million hours viewed, and became one of the top-ranking English films on the streaming giant.

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