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Migration release date - When and where to watch this ducky adventure in India

Migration is ready to land right on your birdbath, I mean, your nearby theatres.The animated family entertainer will be releasing before the year ends.

Migration release date - When and where to watch this ducky adventure in India
A still from Migration trailer

Last Updated: 10.04 AM, Dec 25, 2023


Benjamin Renner-directed Migration dropped in US theatres on December 22, 2023. An Illumination production, the house responsible for films like Despicable Me and The Super Mario Bros., the movie narrates the migratory journey of a family of ducks that have never stepped out of their comfort zone together.

The release date of Migration in India is December 29, 2023. Though the film had premiered at the VIEW Conference in Turin, Italy, and promised a summer 2023 release, it was eventually delayed to the final week of the year. The film will be released theatrically first before coming to any OTT platform, which also has not yet been confirmed.


The film offers a unique bird view of the struggles associated with stepping out of your comfort zone. The brave Mallard family endures thunderstorms, unsettling stranger birds, as well as a massively long journey to touch base at sunny Jamaica.

The basic plot premise is based on the Mallard family who have never migrated anywhere from their New England Pond, due to dad Mack’s crippling anxiety, much to the chagrin of his more outgoing wife Pam. She wishes to show their teen son Dax and duckling daughter Gwen the world. Her wish comes true soon enough when a migrating duck family alight at their pond with travel stories, further fanning Pam’s wanderlust.

This time, however, she manages to convince her husband to take them someplace tropical, like Jamaica. But as they set off on their lives' biggest adventure, things do not really go according to their plans, forcing them to open up and face life like never before.

Starring a stellar cast, the prominent voice actors of the project are Kumail Nanjiani (voices the father Mack), Elizabeth Banks (portrays the mother Pam), Awkwafina (a NYC pigeon), Danny DeVito (Uncle Dan), Keegan Michael Key (Delroy the parrot), Casper Jennings (son Dax), Tresi Gazal (daughter Gwen) and David Mitchell (Goo Goo, a mallard bird farm leader).

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