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Migration X review - The film proves that cuteness and ducks can make any cinematic formula work

Migration released in India on Dec. 29 & has already won the hearts of kids & adults alike, with its realistic, anthropomorphic duck protagonists & hilarious misadventures that drive fun lessons home.

Migration X review - The film proves that cuteness and ducks can make any cinematic formula work
A still from Migration trailer

Last Updated: 12.01 PM, Dec 31, 2023


Illumination’s Migration had hit the US theatres on December 22, but it took another week to arrive in India, releasing on December 29, 2023. The film has not disappointed its target audience, comprising chiefly of families and kids, and unsurprisingly, has struck a chord among many adults too.

Directed by Benjamin Renner, the film is based on an unexplored premise. The struggle of stepping out of one’s comfort zone in order to evolve and grow as a person. This nugget of wisdom is beautifully adapted into a ducky narrative centered around the Mallard family.

Comprising anxious father Mack, outgoing mother Pam, teenage son Dax, and duckling Gwen, the Mallard family form a complimentary bunch in their New England Pond, leading unruffled, albeit boring lives.


Pam, however, always dreamt of going out and showing her children the world, but crippled by fear of the unknown, Mack never agrees till a group of migrating ducks rest at their pond and share their adventurous stories.

Pam’s insistence, and their children’s desire for a breath of fresh air turns too heavy a burden for Mack to bear and he gives in to their request. But that is where the fun begins. From facing creepy, unknown birds, to enduring natural disasters, the family must endure all if they truly wish to make it to Jamaica.

With its sweet premise, realistic visuals, intricate animation, and feel-good plotline, Migration has won almost all hearts of critics and viewers of all ages. The film’s starry voice cast, featuring the likes of Kumail Nanjiani as Mack, Elizabeth Banks as Pam, as well as Awkwafina, Danny DeVito, Casper Jennings, among many others, mesmerized the audience with their perfectly characteristic performance, especially Kumail.

There have been some who have been slightly critical of the film’s plot, but its wonderful message, light-hearted yet family-friendly comedy, and adorable animation made Migration the perfect Holiday film to watch with your family

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