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Mirzapur: Ali Fazal reveals why he chose Guddu over Munna's role in the Prime Video series

Ali Fazal also spoke about the struggle with Guddu's look and insecurities on the sets of Mirzapur.

Mirzapur: Ali Fazal reveals why he chose Guddu over Munna's role in the Prime Video series
Ali Fazal in Mirzapur

Last Updated: 09.29 AM, Oct 12, 2023


Ali Fazal has appeared in quite a few Hollywood films as of late, but he will always be known to his fans as Guddu from Mirzapur. In a recent conversation, the actor disclosed that Divyendu Sharma ultimately played the role of Munna in the Prime Video series, which was first offered to Ali. He also revealed his biggest insecurity while filming in Mirzapur.

Choosing Guddu over Munna:

Ali told Jist that he chose Guddu over Munna, who he felt had more author back, because he could add more to the role. The first name suggested to him was not Guddu, but Munna. The actor acknowledged that it is a great role, but he thinks he can bring something more to Guddu.


Ali Fazal's transformation in Mirzapur:

When casting Guddu, Ali almost got into a battle with her director because I couldn't picture him with hair. He also said that he didn't use any supplements or protein powders to get in shape, instead opting to focus on nutrition and exercise. The actor admitted that training for Mirzapur was the most monotonous experience of his life. That night, he just couldn't get to sleep. Every day, they would put in a solid three hours of exercise, and as creative, one needs to keep their cool. The way he protested was improper.

Ali revealed that his initial feelings on the set were ones of insecurity. His worst insecurity turned out to be the coolest thing about Mirzapur; he always felt he was not ready with his body, so he began hunching, and he would be really insecure. The director complimented the actor's walk the first time he walked onto the set. "Genius, keep it," he praised. However, Ali didn't understand the source, and he warned himself that the eyes of the world are always upon them. Ali admitted that he felt really insecure while shooting the scene.

Later this year, fans may watch the premiere of the show's third season of Mirzapur on Prime Video.

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