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Monkey Man - Despite breaking his finger, Dev Patel reported to shoot directly from the hospital, reveals Sikandar Kher | EXCLUSIVE

While Monkey Man has been released globally (except India) to a good response, Sikandar Kher exclusively reveals a shocking incident about Dev Patel while shooting for the film

Monkey Man - Despite breaking his finger, Dev Patel reported to shoot directly from the hospital, reveals Sikandar Kher | EXCLUSIVE
Sikandar Kher in Monkey Man

Last Updated: 09.33 PM, Apr 06, 2024


Actor Sikander Kher, who has been working in the Hindi film industry for many years now, was recently seen in the Disney Plus Hotstar series Aarya. These days, he is on a global trip, courtesy the just released Hollywood film Monkey Man, in which he plays the antagonist. The film is getting rave reviews from everyone who has watched it.

OTTplay caught up with Sikandar Kher for an exclusive interview, wherein he goes onto reveal a shocking incident involving the film’s director-actor Dev Patel!


Training sessions for Monkey Man
Since the film’s trailer sees Sikandar Kher doing some mind-boggling action, we just could not resist ourselves from asking him about the kind of training that he had undergone for doing action in the film. To which, Sikandar said, “As for my action scenes, I used to train with the boys almost the whole day. They were the experts who had come down from Thailand. I became very friendly with them and landed up spending a lot of time with them and getting to know the finer points of action in the bargain”.

Sikandar reveals a shocking incident while shooting the action scenes
Sikandar Kher revealed that, “As far as action scenes in the film are concerned, each and every single action in the film is really worth its weight in gold. But there is one specific action scene, which happens to be the bathroom scene, it was extremely gruelling for both of us (Dev Patel and him). But, at the end of it all, it all worked out to be so well. In one particular scene, I still remember that Dev’s pinky finger went into my pocket and it broke”.

Dev Patel’s seamless dedication
In the same breath, Sikandar added,The dedication of this man (Dev Patel) is simply amazing. Wiithout wasting any time, he immediately flew to a hospital for treatment. The doctors, on their part, put a nail in his hand (as a part of the treatment). But, this man Dev Patel, came back and started to shoot without a single complaint. Besides his finger, he had also broken his toe. But, at the end of the day, when you see the final results, one can just sit back and relax as all the hard work that we had put into the film has been finally paid off and how!”

Dev Patel- the actor, co-star and human being!
When aksed about Dev Patel as an actor, co-star and also as a human being, Sikandar said, "As an actor, he is great and I love him. His eyes are something else only. And, as a co-actor, we keep on jamming every day. As a human being, he is my brother... a brother for life!". 

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