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Monkey Man - Dev Patel has taken lot of inspiration from everywhere to make the film, says Sikandar Kher | EXCLUSIVE

With his much-awaited film Monkey Man released all over (except India), Sikandar Kher spoke about his character among many other things in an exclusive interview with OTTplay

Monkey Man - Dev Patel has taken lot of inspiration from everywhere to make the film, says Sikandar Kher | EXCLUSIVE
Sikanda in Monkey Man

Last Updated: 07.46 PM, Apr 06, 2024


The last few days have been really hectic for Sikandar Kher. The reason? He has been shuffling between India and Los Angeles for the film promotion of his much-awaited Monkey Man. Even though the film’s makers are presently tight-lipped about the film’s release in India, the tentative release date of the film is said to be April 26. 

OTTplay caught up with Sikandar Kher, aka the man of the moment, for an exclusive interview!


Sikandar Kher describes the story of Monkey Man in a nutshell…

“The film is an intense revenge thriller action film. Basically, it’s a story about revenge. It's, basically a revenge against the character that I play in the film!”. And when asked about his role in the film, he revealed, “I play the role of a Chief Police Inspector”. 

Sikandar Kher on whether the film’s an analogy life lessons…

When OTTplay asked Sikandar Kher whether the film’s actor-director Dev Patel had made the film keeping in mind certain analogies of life, pat came the reply, “He (Dev Patel) has taken a lot of inspiration from mythology and also from stories that his mother told him." 

Sikandar further said, “Dev Patel’s character in the film has got a journey of his own in the film! He has taken inspiration from India and from the culture that he has been a part of. If one has to put the film’s plot in simple words, then, it will be that the film is about a man who fights for the helpless. At the same time, even though it looks like that, the fact is that, actually, he (Dev Patel’s character) also embarks on his own purposeful journey in the film."

Story premise of Monkey Man is more than what meets the eye?

After hearing this, we were kind of forced to ask Sikandar if the film’s premise is more than what meets the eye. After hearing this question, even though he was a bit reluctant at first to reply, but, when we requested him to reply, he was more than happy to say (read ‘reveal’) by saying, “It’s kind of that way. The film is about a guy who is seeking revenge. Having said that let me also tell you that, there's always a big line between the haves and the have nots”.

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