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Month of Madhu on OTT: Viva Harsha steals the show with his 'egg puff' dialogue

Naveen Chandra and Swathi Reddy star in Srikanth Nagothi's Month of Madhu. Streaming on Aha, a scene from the film has now gone viral on social media

Month of Madhu on OTT: Viva Harsha steals the show with his 'egg puff' dialogue
Month of Madhu

Last Updated: 02.19 PM, Nov 10, 2023


Month of Madhu has been stre aming on Aha since November 3, 2023, and various scenes from the film are being appreciated on social media. One particular scene, which has caught the imagination of everyone features Comedian Viva Harsha.

The scene showcases Naveen Chandra and his friends getting upset about the hero's love problems. In a very comical way, Viva Harsha, who plays the hero's friend says girls loved him a lot and he sacrificed so many dates to keep his friend happy. 

The way Viva Harsha mouths the dialogue, the content, and the fun generated in such a serious situation is hilarious and is being loved by one and all. The clipping of that scene has now gone viral on social media. 

Month of Madhu was one of the most talked about films in recent times. A section of the critics trashed the film as boring, outdated, and slow. Upset with this, the film's director Srikanth Nagothi, and female lead Swathi Reddy slammed a few portals for killing the film. 

The romantic drama is about various characters named Madhu in the film. It deals with break-ups, romance, divorce, and much more. Swathi Reddy is also being hailed for her performance but the one who has got more attention than anyone is Viva Harsha. 

His dialogue from the OTT screening is being used for several memes by the youth. Though the film did not impress many during its theatrical screening, the OTT release has given the film its due. Watch this space for more. 

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