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Mookanaagabeku – Ondu Sarala Prema Kathe’s most important song is here

The reimagined version of Mookanaagabeku plays an important part in Vinay Rajkumar's character Athishay's life

Mookanaagabeku – Ondu Sarala Prema Kathe’s most important song is here
A still from Mookanaagabeku

Last Updated: 01.46 PM, Feb 13, 2024


Vinay Rajkumar’s Ondu Sarala Prema Kathe is a musical with 10-11 songs, of which Ninyarele and Gunu Gunugu became hits prior to the film’s theatrical outing. But now that the film’s out, it’s become clear that the most important song in the larger scheme of things is something else altogether and that song – Mookanaagabeku – has now been released.

Composer Veer Samarth has got Keshav Anand and Sriraksha Priyaram for a reimagined version of the Kannada devotional song. In the film, Vinay’s character Athishay’s favourite song is Mookanaagabeku, of which he has an LP that he plays regularly on the family’s dilapidated gramophone. An aspiring music director who has been searching for the girl with a voice that matches the rhythm of his heart, Athishay hears the voice he’s been looking for during an Antakshari competition.


His search first leads him to Madhura (Mallika Singh) and it isn’t until much later, when he realizes that she wasn’t the one who’d picked up and sung a few lines of Mookanaagabeku, after he began singing it. How he then tries to find the actual owner of that voice is what the rest of the narrative is for his character.

Ondu Sarala Prema Kathe, directed by Simple Suni, opened to largely positive reviews, with special praise coming in for Vinay and Swathishta Krishnan, who played Anuraga in the film. The film, however, is yet to pick up at the box office and with at least 10 other films set to release this Friday, it is unlikely to do so. The film did not have a digital or satellite partner on board at the time of the release, but given that the reviews have been good, it should be picked up shortly.

This, meanwhile, is the only film that Vinay had signed up for in recent times. All of his other films, Pepe, Andonditu Kaala and Graamayana, have been in the making for a while. While Pepe and Anonditu Kaala are ready for release, Graamayana was stalled and was only recently revived with new producers on board.

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