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Exclusive | Mother’s Day 2023: This year’s Mother's Day is super special because I am having a baby shower on that day, says Ishita Dutta

The ‘Drishyam’ actress spoke exclusively to OTTplay on the occasion of ‘Mother’s Day 2023’

Exclusive | Mother’s Day 2023: This year’s Mother's Day is super special because I am having a baby shower on that day, says Ishita Dutta

Last Updated: 12.32 AM, May 15, 2023


Hi Ishita Dutta! Please tell us as to what does the term ‘Mother’ mean to you?
To me, the term ‘Mother’ is a person who will always love you the most. Someone who will always be there for you to care for you and protect you, no matter what your age is. No matter how old you are, you will always be her little child. A mother is a friend, a confidante who is always supportive and will be by your side, no matter what. That's what my mother has been in my life. 


This year’s Mother’s Day is going to be super special. Isn't it?
YES! Coincidentally, this year’s ‘Mother's Day’ is going to be super, super special. Because, I am having a baby shower on Mother's Day. My mother and my mother-in-law are also going to be there. I think that this is going to be the biggest Mother's Day of my life.


Do you think that the concept of Mother’s Day has taken the commercial route?
It's only in the recent times that these days are being celebrated like Mother’s Day, Father’s Dayand World Health Day or Yoga Day and other such days. I see no harm in it. Of course, it has become commercialized. But again, looking back, we always had Childrens Dayand Teachers Day and Valentine's Day. Those were the days I would remember when was small. Mothers Day and Father's Day were not really spoken about back then. I think these stuff happens majorly because of social media. To answer your question, yes... it has become commercialized. But, I don’t think that it’s a bad thing. Why not have a day dedicated to someone!


Your memories of the earliest Mother's Day?
I really don’t have so many memories of celebrating these days back then. It's only in the last couple of years, we have celebrated the day. Moms are always on duty. So, this day means a day to give your mother an off day from her duties and give her a break by taking her out for shopping and stuff like that.

What is it that you have learnt from your mother, and you plan to instill into your child, considering that you will be a mom soon?
I think whatever I have learnt is from my mom... and also my dad! But, because it's Mothers’ Day, I will talk about my mother more (smiles). I have been pampered by her at the same time, I have been taught what I should be doing and what I should not be doing. It has been a well-balanced upbringing by my mother and father. That’s why I always thought that, whenever I have a child, which I am going to have now, I will try to be what my mom was to me... I just hope I can be what my mother was to me, as perfect as she was. No matter how the child is, the mother is always there for the child. No matter what. If I look back, I can always see my mother standing beside me, no matter what I say or do.


How are you planning to balance your work and motherhood?
Initially, after the first six months of the delivery, it is going to be slow. I will see how it goes. I want to be there for my baby in the beginning months. The first year is extremely important. Also, I don’t know how much I will leave my child and go to work. I will obviously go with the flow. Yes, I will definitely get back to work. It is going to be difficult and also going to be a bit different now. But, we will figure it out once we reach there.

So, duties allotted / divided between you and father-to-be Vatsal?

Even if we are busy with our work, one of us will be there with our child. We are very blessed to have both our parents in the city. They are going to be of immense help. They want to be around their grandchild. That’s the best thing about the Indian families that you have so many people to look after the child.

Has the concept of parenting changed over the years? 
I feel that parenting has really changed over the years. Today, I am best friends with my mother and father. But, this friendship was developed much later in life. But today, I would want to become friends with my child right from an early age.

Any regrets so far in life?
I would like to apologize for all the stupid things that I have said and done to my mom. I am still yet to be a mother. But I am already possessive about my child. All the unnecessary dramas and fights that I had with my mother for no reason.... I just want to say sorry for all of that. It's the journey that everyone has to undergo in their life. The same stuff is going to happen with me also as a parent.

Do you think that motherhood will change you?
I have already started seeing the changes in motherhood. Everything is about my child now.

What would you want the first word of the baby to be?
That is not something that I have ever thought about. I will be happy to see that the baby is talking. He / she can say mummy or papa or dada or dadi ... I will just be happy.

Who will be a better parent between you and Vatsal?
Between me and Vatsal, he will definitely be a better parent. I have seen him with the children. They all love him. There is something about him that the kids really like. I think that he connects with them so well. I am very relieved that he is going to be there, even if I miss out on something. Not just me, but the entire family is more confident about him than myself as a parent.

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