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Mr & Mrs Smith Twitter review – Netizens mostly enjoy the new series adaptation of the iconic espionage couple

Mr & Mrs Smith dropped on Prime Video today and it has already garnered quite a reception from Twitterattis and netizens, who are uploading their views as they stream episode after episode.  

Mr & Mrs Smith Twitter review – Netizens mostly enjoy the new series adaptation of the iconic espionage couple

Donald Glover and Maya Erskine in Mr & Mrs Smith

Last Updated: 08.00 PM, Feb 02, 2024


Mr & Mrs is finally here, ready to offer its sharp dose of humor, romance, and action on Prime Video. The iconic series adaptation of the eponymous 2005 action thriller starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, was created by Francesca Sloane and Donald Glover, and led by Glover himself and Maya Erskine in the titular roles.

The naysayers who hated the series Mr & Mrs Smith

The show’s romcom premise as well as action-packed sequences, along with humorous banter has struck the right chord among viewers on Twitter. Mr & Mrs Smith, the series, however, has a different plot compared to its cinematic predecessor. This refreshing twist has delighted most viewers. But as always, every film and show will have some naysayers.

The Twitter users who admitted their mistake

But other than some racist comments and complains of the show being boring or a letdown, most of Twitter has enjoyed the show, and have begun binging it, thanks to all the episodes being dropped at once. Even those who had initially dissed the TV adaptation soon began to see its merit and swallowed their pride to apologize and praise instead.

The rest of Twitter that are binging the show as they tweet

Many Twitter users were not okay with the hate game and began defending the Mr & Mrs Smith series.

As for the rest, most people are enjoying the show and got hooked on it within a few episodes. Several Twitter users have commended the show for its well-written plot, charming and relevant dialogues, as well as great performances by Glover and Erskine. Overall, the plot’s pace and storyline appear to be immersive and relatable, their chemistry as well as the thrill slowly building up for an explosive climax.

Mr & Mrs Smith’s series has several reasons for being deserving of the praise showered upon it till now, but the primary reason remains its divergence from the old and established notion of Mr and Mrs Smith, the married assassin couple hailing from two enemy organizations.


Its exploration of an honest relationship between two newly recruited, lonely assassins who are forced to use marriage as a social ruse to work, is refreshing as well as its portrayal of new espionage agents learning the rules of the game as they play the field and go on missions.

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