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Murder Mubarak – 5 reasons to not miss out this whacky whodunnit movie

Murder Mubarak is Netflix’s Bollywood summer film of the month. The murder mystery is based on a bestselling Anuja Chauhan novel and features a starry cast.

Murder Mubarak – 5 reasons to not miss out this whacky whodunnit movie
Karisma Kapoor in a still from Murder Mubarak

Last Updated: 04.50 PM, Mar 08, 2024


Murder Mubarak will be released on Netflix on March 15. The wacky whodunnit is directed by Homi Adajania of Finding Fanny and Cocktail fame. Based on Anuja Chauhan’s breathtakingly brilliant novel Club You To Death, the film will be full of sarcasm, cheeky jokes, classic Hindi gaalis, and double entendres. And if that’s not enough, here are 5 reasons to not miss out on the film people are comparing to the likes of Knives Out.


1) Murder Mubarak is the perfect example of a whodunnit

Murder Mubarak is the perfect example for explaining a whodunnit to any student. Seven suspects, each having their own different motives and inclinations for murder, yet each as normal as any, a few quirks and demands aside. Yet, the murderer is among them, hiding behind an elaborate wall of deception and lies for ACP Bhavani and the audience to find before the other does. With mind-boggling revelations and twists at every turn, a classic whodunnit is successful only if viewers cannot guess who the killer is before the detective, and Murder Mubarak is on that path.

2) Murder Mubarak has a stellar cast

The film features a talented ensemble cast, with a mixture of acting powerhouses and starlets. Murder Mubarak stars Pankaj Tripathi, Sara Ali Khan, Karishma Kapoor, Vijay Verma, Dimple Kapadia, Sanjay Kapoor, Tisca Chopra, Suhail Nayyar, and Ashim Gulati. With Tripathi donning ACP Bhavani and Sara Ali Khan being Bambi Todi, the film promises equal doses of glamour, deception, revelations, and sharp observations. 

3) Murder Mubarak is a faithful adaptation of the novel

Most book-to-film adaptations are not up to par, making it difficult for those who have read the book to even look at the screen. But Murder Mubarak seems to be faithful to its original source and has kept the names of characters and places the same as in the novel. This will ensure the viewers get the same breathless, exhilarating experience as the readers and get to experience the brilliance of both Anuja Chauhan and Homi Adajania.

4) The film is a blend of the best of different genres

The film seamlessly combines humour with thrills and creates a satirical comedy that prefers to laugh at its own characters rather than rudely ridicule any resembling viewers. Murder Mubarak ensures that the best of both comedy and whodunnit remain in the film, resulting in a quirky, eccentric and loopy plot that unties every knot with precision, funny jibes, and sarcastic humour.

5) Murder Mubarak holds a mirror for the eccentric elites of Delhi society

Murder Mubarak is a wacky whodunnit that features an equally eclectic and eccentric list of characters, all from Delhi, and most beyond rich or pretending to be. From a South Delhi princess to her sneaky, overconfident lover, a classy gossipmonger to a yesteryear actress cum socialite with quirks, a batty, drunk painter, a volatile royalist with more ego than blue blood to a debauched party animal, the film has it all. And though an initial look makes them appear odd, soon they grow on you and make you look in the mirror, wondering and worrying if you resemble them.

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