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Murder Mubarak ending explained! Here's untangling the knot of lies created by Sara Ali Khan, Vijay Varma, Karisma Kapoor and others

Murder Mubarak ending explained: Mystery and romance intertwine in Sara Ali Khan, Vijay Varma's gripping tale, unveiling a story of passion and betrayal

Murder Mubarak ending explained! Here's untangling the knot of lies created by Sara Ali Khan, Vijay Varma, Karisma Kapoor and others
Vijay Varma and Sara Ali Khan in a still from Murder Mubarak

Last Updated: 04.44 PM, Mar 15, 2024


Netflix premiered Murder Mubarak earlier today, and the whodunit thriller has been among the most anticipated films of this year. Homi Adajania directed the murder mystery, featuring an ensemble cast including Pankaj Tripathi, Sara Ali Khan, Vijay Varma, Dimple Kapadia, Karisma Kapoor, Sanjay Kapoor, Tisca Chopra, Suhail Nayyar, and Tara Alisha Berry. Murder Mubarak is based on Anuja Chauhan's Club You To Death, released in 2021.

Murder Mubarak: Plot and characters

In the film, initially, the Dilliwallahs dismiss the discovery of a handsome gym trainer named Leo's (Aashim Gulati) lifeless body behind an oversized barbell at the exclusive Delhi Turf Club on the night before the club elections as an accidental death. However, it quickly becomes apparent that one of the Dilliwallahs is a ruthless murderer despite their privileged status. ACP Bhavani Singh (Pankaj Tripathi), a veteran of the Crime Branch, investigates amidst the capital's speculation and conspiracy theories. 


With the help of his capable deputy, Akash 'Kashi' Dogra (Vijay Varma), a handsome human rights activist, and Bambi Todi (Sara Ali Khan), a rich girl out and about in town, ACP Bhavani embarks on a mission to solve a crime that, although seemingly straightforward, turns out to have roots as extensive and deep-seated as the famed Neem trees in New Delhi... Set in the vibrant heart of Lutyen's Delhi, Murder Mubarak is a brutally fantastic romance.

Major Spoilers Ahead!

People who have read the book are aware that Sara Ali Khan's character Bambi Todi is responsible for the murders of Leo as well as three other people, including her real-life husband Varun Mitra, Guppie (Brijendra Kala), and Prince Harry, the club's cat.

Bambi Todi's scheme and murders

Her love for Kashi (Varma) and her obsession with the Delhi Turf Club are the motives behind these murders. During the final revelation, Bhavani announces that Kashi is the one who committed these crimes, despite knowing that he didn't and wasn't even the accomplice. However, both knew Bambi did it, and she finally confessed because her love for Akash was more than the punishment she could receive for her crime.  

Thus, she opens up about everything. First, she talks about her love for the club and how being a member means more than anything to her. Thus, she chooses to marry a rich guy, Anshul (Mitra), instead of Kashi, her one true love. Ganga (Tara Alisha Berry), the maid, becomes his lover, causing him to abandon his wife. Then, in a fit of rage, she slams his head with a ceramic sculpture and kills him. 

She enlists Guppie's help to cover up the crime by creating a grave and hiding the body in the club's garden. This is what a dementia-suffering Guppie reveals to Leo, who starts blackmailing Bambi. This ultimately led her to kill him. She also manipulates Guppie by exploiting his illness, making him feel guilty for killing the cat in a microwave oven (yes, unimaginable), and even persuading him to take his own life with a gun. Not just that, she also puts Yash (Suhail Nayyar), her childhood friend, through a drug overdose; however, he slips into a coma. 

Bambi is also kleptomaniac, and in the end, we see her going all obsessed and crazy for Kashi, who decides to fight her case and save her. Murder Mubarak is not just a whodunit but also a brutal romantic film.

The other revelations that come into the pictures are Sanjay Kapoor's sexual orientation and Karisma Kapoor's child, whom she had at a very young age and had to give up at the orphanage.

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