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My Demon ending explained - Did the makers deviate from the artistic vision to cater to audience demands?

Song Kang and Kim Yoo-Jung’s My Demon is currently the 4th most searched fantasy show on Google. Here's our take on the ending that everyone has been talking about...

My Demon ending explained - Did the makers deviate from the artistic vision to cater to audience demands?

My Demon

Last Updated: 07.32 PM, May 16, 2024


Capturing the attention of fantasy genre fans, K-Drama My Demon is currently the fourth most searched fantasy show on Google. This immensely popular drama, which blends fantasy elements with a rom-com story, is boosted by the star power of Song Kang, Kim Yoo-Jung, Lee Sang-Yi, Cha Chung-Hwa, Seo Jung-Yeon and Woo Hee-Jin. As soon as My Demon ended, it reached the Top 3 spot on the Netflix Global Chart, garnering a staggering 44 million viewing hours in January this year.

My Demon ending explained

Here, we're taking a look at the ending of My Demon. But before we get there, let's take a quick look at the story of the series to understand the ending better.


Do Do-Hee (Kim Yoo-Jung), the heiress of a vast fortune, is a formidable force and not someone to be reckoned with. Jeong Gu-Won (Song Kang) possesses immense magical powers and is considered a ‘demon’. Fate takes a surprise turn when Jeong Gu-Won finds himself stripped of his abilities, leaving him weak and utterly lost. This is when Gu-Won and Do-Hee's paths collide.

Do-Hee, with her sharp and strategic mind, becomes an unlikely ally to Gu-Won. Together, they embark on a dangerous quest to restore his power. As they navigate challenges and uncover her family secrets, sparks fly, which they cannot ignore.

There was a satisfying conclusion to My Demon, where everything fell into place. However, it seemed forced, as just before the series ends, we see Jeong Gu-Won’s return, which is absolutely shocking. Does Do-Hee's heartfelt and eager wish come true, leading to Gu-Won's return? As we get to see Gu-Won gradually fading away after saving Do-Hee Noh Seok-Min’s (Kim Tae-Hoon), it seems like his purpose of living for thousands of years finally pays off. He finally saves Do-Hee, which he couldn't do in his past life when he was human and not a demon.

The last episode of My Demon

The final moments of the last episode present a powerful contrast. We see Do-Hee pale, weak and with a heart full of hope for Gu-Won's return. This scene has captured viewers' hearts, leaving everyone desperately hoping for them to reunite. However, the sudden shift is absolutely bizarre when Gu-Won is seen standing before Do-Hee in the very next scene. This unexpected reunion seems more than just a little uncanny.

The surprising turn of events in My Demon is when Gu-Won drops the bombshell about Do-Hee’s past and secrets about her dead parents. It turns out that tragedy struck her family when she was not even born. Her parents faced a life-threatening accident when Do-Hee's mother was heavily pregnant with her and Gu-Won, bound by his rules, presented Do-Hee’s dying father with a difficult choice.

In a desperate attempt to save his daughter, he instantly made a pact with a powerful being, which came at a terrible cost: there was a 10-year limit on the lives of both her parents. This twist recasts their deaths as a foreseen consequence and highlights the everlasting and enduring power of parental love.

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