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My Fault ending explained – Noah and Nick’s forbidden love gets an unexpected twist with an open ending

My Fault ending explained – Here’s everything you need to know about the movie, including its core plot and the ending explanation that hints at the sequel.

My Fault ending explained – Noah and Nick’s forbidden love gets an unexpected twist with an open ending

My Fault still

Last Updated: 08.10 PM, May 10, 2024


Originally titled Culpa Mia – My Fault is a Spanish romantic drama film that explores the themes of forbidden love and sexual attraction, defying family relationships. Starring the charismatic young leads, Nicole Wallace (Noah) and Gabriel Guevara (Nick), the movie garnered acclaim and a cult following for their intense chemistry and edgy love story. Debuting on Amazon Prime in June 2023, My Fault has been the talk of the town for its surprising open ending. Here’s everything you need to know about the movie, including its core plot and the My Fault ending explanation that hints at the sequel.

My Fault explores forbidden love, friendship, and romantic relationship

Directed by Dominez Gonzalez, this Spanish romantic film follows a rebellious and strong-headed teen girl named Noah, who is forced to leave her school friends and even boyfriend for her mother’s new life. The movie begins with our female lead, Noah, shifting to her mother Rafaella’s rich husband's (William Leister) house. She later has a bitter encounter with William’s son, Nicholas, who becomes her stepbrother. Their bitter chemistry worries their parents, who decide to give their children space and time so that they can both adjust to the new life.


Despite the perfect-looking life and identity of an aspiring lawyer and professional surfer, Nicholas had a dark secret: he was doing illegal races. When Noah learns about Nick’s hidden secret, she tries to blackmail him, and the duo develops a strange bond as they agree to help each other. However, things turn weird when their dynamic relationship builds up infatuation and desires. Noah later starts getting anonymous threatening messages but ignores them, thinking it’s a low-level prank.

Soon, love sparks between the duo when sexual attraction and romantic feelings transcend all other emotions, including jealousy and the love triangle. What follows next is a twisted kidnapping that turns Nick and Noah’s lives upside down, with some family drama in the backdrop.

My Fault Ending explanation with Noah’s troubled past and more about the sequel

When Nick promises to leave the violent fights, ensuring his true love for Noah, the duo decides to celebrate their love and reunion by spending the night together. However, their romantic adventure takes a backseat when Noah is kidnapped by petty criminal Ronnie. The climax scene features Nick getting furious as he tracks Noah, only to find out about her abusive father, who kidnapped her.

The story also unravels the mysterious blackmailer with threatening messages to be Noah’s biological father, who is now released from prison and kidnapped his own daughter with Ronnie’s help. His ulterior motive to draw money from his ex-wife's new husband by using Noah as bait becomes clear with the thrilling climax scene. In the high-octane action scene, Nick and Noah showcase their driving skills as they replicate the action movie’s 60–20 epic turn in high-speed chasing. It also results in Noah’s father’s death, as the investigator shoots him dead in the chance encounter.

In the post-credit scene, we see Nick entering Noah’s room as they get closer to each other with a passionate kiss and a promise to stay beside each other. However, as the camera zooms out, we witness Rafaella and William with binoculars in their hands and learning about their children’s love affair. The couple also shares that “they will have to do something” to stop their relationship from evolving further. This open ending surely leaves viewers excited for the second part, which is expected to delve into Noah and Nick’s separation as planned by their parents. It also seems to be bringing Ronnie back with his revenge motive and some promising romance and action.

Based on Mercedes Ron's Wattpad story of the same name, the movie is currently gearing up for its sequel and can announce its premiere soon.

Mia Culpa or My Fault is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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