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Naagin 6: Pratha's daughter Prarthana transforms into Sheshnaagin in this intriguing VIDEO - Watch

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Naagin 6: Pratha's daughter Prarthana transforms into Sheshnaagin in this intriguing VIDEO - Watch

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Last Updated: 11.38 PM, Sep 25, 2022


Naagin 6 is becoming even more interesting and intriguing with its latest plot twist. After taking the leap of 20 years, the story is witnessing how Pratha's lost daughter Prarthana is all grown up and looks just like her. Makers have dropped a crucial clip from a recent episode that sees the Sheshnaagin's first form transforming into a supernatural being from a common human.

The latest montage sees Prarthana struggling to stand in the middle of many snake charmers who standing around her. She somehow struggles and crawls towards the stairs under Lord Shiva's idol to drink the milk kept in a bowl as she suddenly craves it. 

Meanwhile, the video sees that Pratha comes to her second daughter's room to check on her. Surprisingly, Anmol keeps sleeping on the floor mat kept beside the bed in her room. Pratha gets surprised but doesn't bother her and lets her sleep at peace. Moving on, Shesh Naagin notices a hurricane from the window of the room, starts speaking to herself and says, "It's not a common storm. Something is definitely changing in nature. Something strange and scary is about to happen. I hope this storm doesn't affect my home and my family members."

Scared Pratha also checks if her daughter's face turns different or not during the red moon as being a Naagin, Pratha's face looks like a snake's skin during these special nights. However, after witnessing no change on Anmol's face she takes a peaceful breath and also thanks Lord Shiva.

On the other hand, after drinking the milk, the Naag Mani travels from the sky to the Earth and goes inside Prarthana's body which turns her into a Shesh Naagin. After that, she starts battling with the evil snake charmers and defeats them all.

Watch the full video here:

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